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Here Is The Video That Malia Campbell Shot For My Snoqualmie Ridge Home

Published: 12/12/2011
By: larry

Malia Campbell finished the video that she shot for my Snoqualmie Ridge (WA) home today. My wife Levi and Jenny our Realtor are still tinkering with the words in the narration at this hour but I like the video and I like Malia's style.

I have the YouTube hosted video embedded in my property site. You view the video by clicking on the litte video bottom along the left side of the tour. Note that on the version that is embedded in the tour does not play or show other YouTube videos after the video plays. This is because the embed HTML has the "rel=0" parameter on it.

Michael and Alfie over at fixed some problems with support of video on tours in the last several days. They've made tours with embedded video work nicely on IOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and they've made it so YouTube embedded video is framed nicely. I'd still like to be able to have the video be on the front page of the tour instead of the stills but they are working on that.

It remains to be seen if the NWMLS will allow my property site as a link on the listing but it's not that big a deal if they don't only agents use the NWMLS and the MLS doesn't pass tour URLs to syndicated sites anyway. We'll put the property site URL on the listing agent's brokers site and Zillow and other syndicated sites.

Thanks Malia for getting off your sick bead to shot this on such short notice and thanks Michael and Alfie for scrambling to make some changes to so tours with embedded video work well!

21 comments on “Here Is The Video That Malia Campbell Shot For My Snoqualmie Ridge Home”

  1. Very nice, an yes, Malia does have a great style showing off mixing near objects with the broader view of the home.

    A couple things you may wnt to look at...
    1. Positioning on PFRE. The video is hidden where the primary focus is the slideshow. The only reason I knew was there is that I was looking for it, and didn't recognize the clapperbard icon for what it was. I had to drag down through each icon to see the associated name.
    2. While the icon system is fine, may want to additionally consider a small thumbnail of the video in the black section below the slideshow, and even include the word "video" next to it.
    3. While the "rel=0" is works great, have the video open in a new window so people don't leave your site. The way it is now, it launches in the same page, and when finished, there is no option to return "home" for more info - like "contact me", just the YouTube options to replay, sent to friend, etc. Essentially, you have to hit the back arrow to return to your site which is not as intuitive as a menu system.

  2. Nicely shot video. It brings up an important question about shooting what may be considered interior design images, those that show what is in the space, and an style approach that shows the space and its features. Do perspective buyers may have a harder time imagining themselves in that space when others tastes are so prominent? Thanks.

  3. Just read your second to last pararaph. Hopefully it will accept the tour website link as it is available to the potential renter in two ways, not limited to "just the Realtor." First, as a Realtor, when I research property for a client I use MLS as the base rather than my broker site due to issues with IDX feeds. When I locate properties, I put an "x" in the box for those I want to send and email them to the client. They receive a link which opens into am MLS based web page with my contact info and includes customer specific info about the property, such as narrative, photos, and yes - tour link. The other nice thing is, I can come in on the backside and see how they rank them so I don't schedule the ones they eliminated.
    The second part has to do with the broker's (or agent's) website. Those search engines are based on the IDX system that approx 75% of realtors participate in (and the reason I used MLS above). With my move from Prudential to Exit, I an re-working my site and this week should have the prototype to submit to IDX for their approval and generating the links so I can develop the search engine. I tested, using another agents site, searching for a specific address I shot but not my listing. It located it, had 1) my pictures, 2) my tour, and of course the one line giving credit to the other brokerage that IDX rules require but contact info was the agent whose site I was on. Those are the two primary ways how the consumer finds MLS info. The irony of the syndicated sites, they pull the MLS narrative and photos, it's the tour that has to be later tansmitted through the syndication process.

  4. Agree with SD Jackson, nice video but brings up the question of how much "fluff" to add to your shots. I see some value to adding ambiance to stir emotions, but get feedback from some agents that it is a waste of their time looking at it. I try to get across to agents that the tour is also there to entice potential clients to come to visit the home.....and emotion sells. But as we all know, some agents can be challenging.

    One other thought though (and I have very little knowledge of editing video) is the abrupt change from one scene to there a way to have a softer transition?

    Good luck with the sell


  5. Great house Larry, I would rent it! In the Mid Florida region your property site on the MLS "virtual tour link" would reach a huge amount of people:

    *It would be syndicated to 1000's of broker sites (via IDX or RETS feed) that choose to show that field.

    *There are 3rd party syndication companys that some brokerages use that take the info directly from the MLS (although the MLS may not do it directly, some do) and automatically send it to the trulias, zillows and other RE portals.

    *Like mentioned above listings are also sent directly to clients by Realtors through the MLS which would show that link.

    My point I guess is that in some areas the MLS virtual tour link space is a very significant form of distribution and photographers should not dismiss its value.

    One more point for other RE videographers out there, that video would not be usable as a virtual tour link in any MLS's I know of, as it shows realtor branding at the end, which is a fine-able offense, something to consider as you make these for your clients.

  6. Looks great, very polished.

    However, I think this kind of video, while very professional, doesn't use the format to its strengths, which is the ability to show how a home flows and how the spaces are connected. Compare this video to the work of Fred at Nashua Video Tours, which take the viewer on a real walking tour of the home. If all you do in video is turn the camera or slide along a rail, you aren't conveying much more information than a photo. And you'll need the photos anyway, so I would prefer the video complement the photos more effectively, by really exploring and moving through the space.

  7. Jacob- I should point out that the world of real estate video is divided in to two general groups 1) the people that like walk through video the best and those that like the cinematic approach like Malia uses.

    We've discussed this subject here on PFRE at some length and in the PFRE Video discussion groups listed on the right sidebar the participants are even more passionate about this subject. It's pretty clear that there is no right or most effective approach. Which you like is pretty much personal preference. Perhaps we should have a poll on this subject to see if one is more popular than another.

  8. Great video by Malia.

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you like or prefer (or what any of us prefer). What matters is what the agents in your area want (and their clients)...after all they are the ones forking out the money.

    Malia has obviously come up with a product that is selling in her area and is able to make a living off it (along with her photography).

    I find too many people getting into video are worrying WAY to much about what others are doing (and their pricing etc), especially when those people are not even remotely close to their working area. While its great to have a blog like this and PFRE Video to learn from, at the end of the day its up to each individual to:

    1. spend the time to talk to the agents in THEIR area and find out what would sell.
    2. come up with a workflow to deliver that product at the best possible price.

  9. Sorry Jakob, Im not sure if you are an agent or a photographer/videographer so the comment wasnt directed just at you. If you are in fact an agent your preference would be interesting for the area you work in.

    As Larry mentioned, in the PFRE Video discussion forum and on countless other sites there are endless discussions that end up being "walk through" vs "cinematic ". comment above was more in response to the general comparison and why people seem to feel that one has to be better than the other.

  10. Very good video! My only thought for consideration is that some of the vignette pans were too fast, I had to catch my balance. I thought the narration was good and that in whole the video did an excellent job in presenting the property. I really loved the camera movement in the kitchen scene.... kudos Malia !
    Best Regards, Ron

  11. Very nice video Malia, and generally a very well presented, marketing product. I use both the tour and video myself, and have found over time that to avoid confusion, if you’re also showing video in the tour then stills could better just being still. Maybe it’s my European demographic, but the images could be called an image gallery and video, just video.
    Just curios, but using YouTube as the video host will take the buyer away from the Tour at the end through giving the viewer options? Is this purely for SEO reasons that you’re using YouTube?
    Hope the property sells soon then we can all celebrate how high end photography and video helps in the sales process.
    Best of Luck

  12. I come from broadcast news, so my viewpoint may be a little skewed, but I was always taught to show what's being talked about. At about :42 we hear something about a "floor to ceiling river rock fireplace"; but we don't see it until :47 and by then, we're hearing about "oversized windows". Beginning at 1:11 we hear about the location and community, but we're still seeing interiors of the house. When the eye and the ear compete, the eye always wins. So it's a little confusing to hear about the library and YMCA center when looking a patio table. Overall, I think the video is done very well; just tighten up the script and editing.

  13. @J Miller - I rarely use transitions... just not my style. This particular video may come off as a harsher transition than most but it was done purposely. If you listen closely the video transitions are timed with the music transitions. That may not appeal to everyone but, again, that's just my style.

    @Harry - you're right and the new version times the narration better to the video.

  14. @HDShowings - that's a good point. We can't link to video out here, though, so I usually put the agent's info at the end.

  15. Regarding branding -- its interesting that the video ends with a very nice bumper promoting the photographer (a much nicer bumper than the "Call me" slide proceeding it. In my videos, I don't do any branding at all, as I view these as an advertising vehicle for my customer, not for me. I have been very tempted, but I ultimately feel like ending the video with me as opposed to the property would be like Omnicron group putting their logo at the end of a Bud Light commercial.Thoughts?

  16. I do everything I can and everything that is compliant to make sure that ANY agent who likes what they see with my video can contact me to get one themselves! Hello!!! Yes, market YOURSELF! If you want to keep yourself a secret, best get into another line of work because you'll be the first one complaining that you have no business.

    I do a lot to help market and promote the agents, but I do just as much to market myself and get exposure for MOI. Trust me, the last thing I want to do is knock on doors, do mailings, and schmooze with agents to drum up business!

    I upload every single video in 1080p to at least six video sites. All have a clickable link to the agent's website and all have a clickable link to MY website as well (it's MY channel!). I have my website and phone number at the end of every single video. It's not obnoxious, and you have to watch until the end, but it's easy to find me if you want to! I have a clickable link on the webpage that houses the photo slideshow and video.

    So many people doing video (and even photography) are always looking for ways to get business, yet they overlook the obvious. When people see your work and they LIKE what they see, you want to make it EASY for them to find you! Why keep it a secret?

    People always marvel when I say that I do NO marketing whatsoever, yet my phone rings off the hook every single day. If people like your work, MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO FIND YOU!

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