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Person showing how to use 360 camera

Regular cameras already provide cool snapshots of the world around us, but a 360 camera is a different beast. That said, they come with a little bit of a learning curve.



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Here Are The Winners in The Lighting For Real Estate Video Series Subscription Giveaway

Published: 17/02/2012

Scott and Malia have announced the winners in the Lighting For Real Estate video series subscription giveaway. The five winning videos are shown below. Congratulations Barry/Jackson, Sonja, Miguel, Gideon and Angela!

Barry MacKenzie (and Jackson)

Sonja Quintero

Miguel Palaviccini

Gideon Payne

Angela Madden
Larry Lohrman

11 comments on “Here Are The Winners in The Lighting For Real Estate Video Series Subscription Giveaway”

  1. Thanks Scott/Malia! Already watched 4 of the videos. Learning quite a bit already.

  2. Enjoyed these with my morning cup of java! Attended one of Scott's seminars in NC and privileged to be a "go to" for him for a later workshop in MD. Excited for this series and thrilled for Scott and Malia. I thought this idea of submitting video for this contest was inspiring because of the all the talk about VIDEO tours for real estate and that the lighting was for still photography. I am curious to know from the entrants for the contest... What hdslrs/cameras/video cams were used to create your video? Do you use video for your listings yet? Researching video now and am trying to decide if I should pre-order the D800. Thanks to everyone for the inspiring videos!

  3. Loved watching everyone else's videos! Angela, yours made me smile! It was great! My eternal thanks go out to Scott and Malia. I'm starting the series today, so excited! Michele, I don't really do video yet, mine was just done on a Nikon Coolpix. I work w/ a D80 now, but I am definitely going to pre-order the D800 too. I've been waiting so long for that one!!

  4. @Michele: I shot my video using a crappy little Kodak Play Sport. I don't currently use video for the listings I shoot, but it's definitely something that I'm considering doing at some point down the road. BTW, the D800 is crazy! I've been a Canon shooter all my life, but depending on what is offered in the 5DMK3 (X) I may consider switching.

  5. I'm seriously thinking of licensing that clip where Jackson says, "I tell you, he's a genius!" for my "about" page....

    If you search YouTube under "Lighting For Real Estate Photography" you can find all the other entries. There's some good ones there!

  6. Barry - Jackson did a fabulous job! I can see you are grooming him to be your "on camera" personality for your video walk-thrus! I think "video" is going to be my "adventure trip" for the year and going wireless with my 50' low aerial mast!

  7. Purchased the videos and well worth every penny, all 17,500 of them in fact. Highly recommend and I am spreading the word every chance I get.
    I was also impressed with the videos and struck by the desire that they all showed toward increasing their skill level. Congrats to all


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