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The Render Flames tool in Photoshop is a very powerful and dynamic tool that lets you add fire in just a few steps where there otherwise wasn't one in your photo. In this video, I demonstrate step by step how you can have Photoshop render a fire into a ...



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Full Screen Photo Slide shows: Elegant, Easy to Use and Work Everywhere

Published: 02/01/2013
By: larry

I wanted to point out another elegant way to do simple, full screen slide shows that work on any device. The product is which is a site run by PFRE reader, Aric Boyles.

I believe that how you present marketing photos when you are selling anything is a big part of successful marketing. Presenting the photos large in full screen on whatever device the viewer is using has a big impact. is designed to allow you to post a link to your full screen slide show anywhere.

Aric is offering PFRE readers a 50% off promo ($5 a month instead of $10). To take advantage of the promo use this link:

Thanks Aric! Be sure to give Aric feedback on You can leave comments on this blog post for him.

14 comments on “Full Screen Photo Slide shows: Elegant, Easy to Use and Work Everywhere”

  1. Looks good and the pricing is attractive.

    A couple of questions for Aric. Firstly, is it available without your branding on the slide show ? and secondly, hitting "esc" to leave is obvious to me, and most pfre readers but, not to everyone. Any plans for a "close" button ?

  2. Is it possible to use our own branding in place of yours Aric? I concur on the close button. It would be an excellent addition.

  3. The pricing is great but I was a bit surprised that there was no clear way to exit the slide show. I scrolled all over the screen and eventually just hit escape. Maybe my internet is to blame, but the photos of the apartment loaded in a jerky fashion and then the slide movement wasn't as smooth and elegant as I would have liked for that type of presentation. Can you adjust the pacing with this product? It was eerily quiet watching and waiting for the images to change. The option to add a music bed would be nice. I think the product has potential with some refinements : )

  4. @Ian and @Allan, yes it's possible to replace your branding with ours in the Enterprise package. Your logo will appear in the slideshows in place of logo and you will also get API access which allows you to integrate the slideshows with your real estate site, photography site, blogs - virtually anywhere. Let me know if you'd like more info.
    @Ian great point about the "close" button, it's something we have added to the roadmap and will be implementing soon.

  5. Maybe it's just me [I've been in the minority before], but I always see slideshow offers where you have to pay for a service. While I'm very much the newbie, I also like more control over my photos and would prefer a software that I can purchase once [or upgrade to a pro version later] for slideshows.

    Am I the only one that thinks this way?

  6. @Steve

    Do you have a reliable server or web space to host the images? The software is integrated with their hosting....most likely through amazon s3 or something similar.

  7. @Steve

    There is plenty of software out there for creating slideshows. You can even do it relatively easily with jQuery & HTML5, and several free tutorials for doing that. The benefit of a service like this is for people who either don't want the hassle of doing every single step themselves, or are simply too busy to do it themselves (I personally enjoy the DIY method).

  8. The jquery seemed a little heavy on my samsung s3 where other slideshows played just fine. You should consider also changing the viewport settings so that the slideshow snaps permanently to the edges of the phone, my natural tendency is to swipe gesture the photos which just drags the whole screen. I couldnt press the info button either. Small buttons are always issues on mobile tho.

  9. The jquery seemed a little heavy on my samsung s3 where other slideshows played just fine. You should consider also changing the viewport settings so that the slideshow snaps permanently to the edges of the phone, my natural tendency is to swipe gesture the photos which drags the whole screen. I couldnt press the info button either. Small buttons are always issues on mobile tho.

  10. @steve you arent the only one that thinks that way. If you do it yourself though be prepared to be the "go to" guy when something goes wrong with your server (its just a computer) or a new browser update breaks your site or a new device comes out that doesnt support your scripts. Doing it yourself is an ongoing challenge that never ends and can be very stressfull unless you have a background in this kind of thing. Imagine 100 clients calling you bc their virtual tour is down, you are out shooting and have no idea how to fix it. This is why its worth 10 bucks to let a pro handle it.

  11. Jeff & Chris [I hope all Chris' are one of the same]:
    Good thoughts for sure guys. I do have someone who has created a website for me [computer genius/geek] where he's gonna also enable Paypal as well for me. I'm not great at computers/technology at this point, so I would be relying on my computer guy quite a bit, so the service is an option when I get in a pinch.

    Thanks for your thoughts as I want as few of difficulties as possible.

  12. Looks like you have a great product! Just to clarify, the branding is only changeable on the 'Enterprise' edition....not the Pro? And can we change the branding for each slideshow...i.e., have the real estate agent's info there? And, finally, what's the pricing range for the tier that will allow for custom branding.


  13. Hey everyone, can't say enough how much I appreciate all the great feedback. Your comments above as well as multiple emails from PFRE readers have led to some useful updates and plans for a new release coming soon. My responses below:
    @Amy and @Ian we've added the feature you requested - you can now close the slideshow with an "x" bottom right (will be moved to top right on next release). Thanks to everyone who pointed that out.
    @Ian @Allan @David as mentioned you can add your own branding in the Enterprise package. However based on everyone's feedback, seems like a lot of you would like to see branding options in the Pro package. I've added that to the update list.
    @Chris, good point we'll change the viewing area to snap to edges when swiping on mobile devices. Will also increase the button size slightly as well as optimize the HTML5/JS to reduce the load on mobile devices.

    So I'll be working on an updated version for release in the coming weeks and will try to incorporate all the requests made by the PFRE readers. Here are the main updates I've collected from your feedback, please let me know if I've missed anything:
    - Branding options, add your own logo or photo, contact info, etc.
    - Background Music - looks like I just can't fight this anymore, multiple requests for this feature
    - Transition options including adjusting time between slides, animations, etc.
    - HTML5/javascript optimization for quicker downloads and smoother functionality, especially on mobile
    - WordPress plugin
    - Backwards compatibility for older, unsupported browsers like IE8, 7, 6

    Any other requests? Thanks again for all your feedback!

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