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Free Trial Offer From

Published: 11/12/2012
By: larry

You don't have to be around real estate or real estate photography very long to realize that property marketing materials can benefit big-time from great looking floor plans. Long time PFRE reader, Anna Wilshire who is the director/photographer at in Brisbane, has had so much demand for floor plans to go with her photography she decided to launch a floor plan creation service. See:

Anna says:

Here in Brisbane, Australia, it has reached a point where I'm having trouble keeping up with all the floor plans while maintaining my existing photography schedule. This is one of the reasons I have launched FP4RE. Now all us photographers have to do is draw up the sketch, scan and send it and my guys at FP4RE will do the rest.

The other reason that motivated me to get going with this project is that I have the impression that a lot of photographers are reluctant to take on floor plans as a service. Whether they find the thought of learning to draw up plans intimidating or they don t want the bother of coming home and doing the back end side of it I don t know, but I do know the difference it has made to our average job spend and therefore my bottom line. I have put together a simple but detailed free manual for FP4RE members to help make drawing up floor plans as pain free as possible and as for the back end side, there is none; just scan, send and the guys will have the finished product ready for download within 12-24hrs.

Prices start from $15 and I'm selling the finished product through my real estate photography business for $120. That's quite a mark-up (especially when you're already on-site already doing the photos) so, for those thinking about doing floor plans, this service makes it simple.

Anna is offering 30 free credits (equivalent of one medium size colour floor plan), exclusively to PFRE readers. Just put the code PFRE1213 in the notes section of the order. So if you have a demand for floor plans in your area and have been passing on providing them because creating floor plans isn't your thing of you find it to time consuming, check out Anna's service and see if it works for your business.

11 comments on “Free Trial Offer From”

  1. Let me give you people a tip.
    You all might have heard about the program AutoCad, which is a very expensive software and is mainly used in large engineering companies en architectural design outfits.
    But nearly all these companies have to update their software on a yearly bases and the latest is around the version 19 or 20.
    Try to get an earlier version that cost you nearly nothing and start using that for your floorplans.
    Of course it has a learning curve, but once you know it, options are endless.

  2. @Ronny

    Thanks for the tip, but im pretty sure anyone reading this blog has heard of autocad. The whole point behind Larrys post (and Anna's service) is to save a ton of time and have someone do it for you at a very good price, and to be able to up sell it to make a profit.

    Let me give you a tip Ronny, put your website behind your name so your posts have some credibility behind it......

    Looks like a great idea and I wish Anna all the best. With 12-24 hour turn around and such reasonable pricing I can see many people using this service!

  3. Just an observation: the homes I shoot average 4,000 sq.ft and some are much larger. So it can get kind of pricy; especially if you add color and furniture. Granted, I could always mark it up. Still, I am intrigued and will definitely consider it. Thanks!

  4. I have three outlets for floor plans that we use: Measurecomp if it needs to be really special (starts at $99 and goes up from there), Ivonia software (we do the work)- about $9 to create and get back the jpg if you don't need hosting from them and Sensopia's magic plan on my iphone and iPad - about $5 per plan by the time I am finished but we have to do the work. I am not sure what Anna's plan adds to the mix for me personally- but if you haven't started with floor plans - you should add her plan to the consideration mix. One more to add, Google's sketch up.

  5. Suzanne.....spend a minute next time and read the title of the blog "Free Trial Offer From"

    The whole point in Larry's blog is to help out Anna and push her company and you decide to list other alternatives with pricing?

  6. Anna says she is getting a surprising number of takers on this offer from all over the world.

  7. Hi Guys. Anna from FP4RE here. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve had a great response so far – Larry really has a large and diverse readership. We’re aware of the DIY software and other options out there but our aim is to offer a solution to photographers who don’t have the time or are not interested in doing the back end themselves. At the same time we provide finished floor plans at the higher end of the quality range while allowing scope for a decent mark up 🙂 If you haven’t already we hope you can drop by and check out the site.

  8. I just registered at FP4RE and spent a considerable amount of time searching for the User Manual and graph paper. It is not on the regular site; rather, once you've registered you'll find it on the Resources page. It is somewhat challenging to locate and I'd recommend they put a link to both on the main site so you can learn more about how the process works before registering. Maybe that's the intent of FP4RE, but it sure is frustrating because they mention that they have this easy process for doing the sketches but it's nowhere to be found until after you register. The color floor plans look awesome and I'm looking forward to trying the service. Thanks for the opportunity, Anna.

  9. Hi Amy, yes the manual is just for members only but registration is free 🙂 There is general information about the process on the main site complete with FAQ but the technical side of drawing up a floorplan is restricted to members only which I'm sure you'll understand 🙂 We look forward to working on your first plan!

  10. This is a really great offer folks. You'd be a fool not to try it out. I could not believe the amazing job Anna & her team did on my sample floor plan. Yes, it took a little time to understand everything that was required at first, but I found all the instructions and resources extremely helpful. I have yet to offer a floor plan concept to my clients, (because nothing has ever looked this good), but having experienced a very professional, responsive and easy process with FPFRE, I will certainly be using Anna for all my future floor plan orders.

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