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Expand Your Real Estate Photography Services to FSBOs

Published: 20/06/2007

Here is an interesting possibility for expanding your RE photography business to solicit business for FSBOs in your area. This person in the Bay area is promoting their services to For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) in the bay area. I think this is a good idea! Their ad is as follows:

Real estate photography, flyer design, virtual tours

Reply to: serv-353528441@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-06-16, 10:42AM PDT 


Real Estate Photography

for FSBO (For Sale by Owner) sellers · · ·

Free web pages · Photography · Flyer design · SignsFlat-fee MLS listings (through a third-party broker)

With our high-resolution digital cameras and wide-angle lenses, we can make ordinary homes seem extraordinary. We'll mail you a CD with high-resolution images and upload all photos onto your (free) FSBO web page. If you order an MLS listing, we'll arrange for all the photos to be placed on your listing, and for one photo to go on your listing. Scroll down or visit to see some of our work. We travel anywhere within our five-county service area.$100 for six photos, plus tax.


We'll use your photos to create a custom flyer of your home in digital pdf format. We'll send the file to you on a CD so that you can print color or grayscale flyers as you need them on your home printer or at your local print shop. Or, if you like, we’ll print the flyers for you. $35 plus $3 shipping plus tax. 


Host open houses 24 hours a day with a 360 x 360 virtual tour with four separate scenes. The price includes free uploading of the virtual tour link onto your web page, your FSBO web page and your MLS listing. Click here to see a sample of our work, or visit to see a more complete gallery of our virtual tour photography.$130 for four virtual tour scenes.

Order online at any of our websites, or call (707) 479-6569.

Larry Lohrman

9 comments on “Expand Your Real Estate Photography Services to FSBOs”

  1. Great idea. I've been working with FSBOs for a few months with great success, but from the real estate side. This is a nice way to add more value to an initial contact.

    On a side note, this is my first comment to your blog. I just found your site, and it's now one of my favorites. Nice niche, and you're doing a GREAT job with it.

  2. Michael,
    FSBOs have no Realtors involved so they are not posted on the NWMLS. Rather the home owner advertises on websites like or or other such sites. is the most effective way to sell FSBO. In your area to, click on Tacoma, click on Homes for sale, Then search for "Gig Harbor" and you will find a bunch of homes in your area (there are currently 177 homes for sale in Gig Harbor listed on You'll notice may are lean on photos. Also, most home owners don't realize you can use to build an awesome page that will post on craigslist. This is why the fellow that did the ad I posted above is advertising on craigslist... because his potential clients frequent craigslist. see my post earlier this year on ( - A Resource For Realtors and Real Estate Photographers) to find out about vFlyers.

    Buy doing vFlyers for FSBOs you can put more photos than 4 on craiglist and make their home really stand out on craigslist.

  3. This looks great. But where can I find a third party broker in my area that will post listings to MLS AND to I'm in Gig Harbor WA (near Seattle/Tacoma). We have NWMLS.

  4. That's a fabulous idea! I've thought about targeting FSBOs for a long time, but I've been nervous about it because I have such a large Realtor following. I've been thinking about a way to make it work for myself, the homeowner, and create a benefit for the Realtors that I work for.

    I have a real estate license, so I can refer business to other agents and get a referral fee in return. I thought about for awhile, and I've come up with a nice plan that could be beneficial to all. So here's my idea, target FSBOs and offer photos, a property website and a custom designed flyer. Then, to benefit the agents that I work for, I thought about creating a referral network so that I could refer any FSBOs that I've done work for to a Real Estate "expert" in their area if they decide to list. Since I have a real estate license, typically, I could expect to receive a referral fee amounting to 20-25% of the listing agent's commission. In theory it sounds like a great plan, and a great way to earn extra money. But, I have yet to put into practice. Obviously, marketing to FSBOs would be a time consuming process, but it could pay off nicely in the long run!

  5. Cherie - Do you hang your license anywhere? I think it would be very important to make clear (maybe in writing) that you will not be offering any sort of representation to FSBOs. I think having a licensed agent offering to essentially help market their home for sale could get confusing for some. I also think another potential snag would be how people perceive your "referral network"...using photography as a "front" for your lucrative referral business 😉

    Interesting that you are nervous about shooting for FSBOs because you think your Realtor clients will get mad. Why would they get mad? Is pro photography the only thing that they bring to the table that separates them from "regular" FSBO home sellers? I think an important part of not "burning" your realtor clients is to not give a discount or special services to FSBO's just because they are FSBOs (and therefore we are supposed to pity them for some reason). For the most part, the FSBOs I've shot for tend to be very smart and business savvy and willing to pay what it takes because they understand that marketing their home with pro photos and pro websites is extremely important.

  6. Aaron- I am 100% in agreement with you on everything you mentioned. I do hang my license at a local brokerage, but it is in referral. Thus, I can't actually sell real estate, assist, or represent individuals with a real estate transaction. (I should have made that a little more clear.) Thereby, I wouldn't be able to offer anyone advice, nor would I market my services in that capacity. My offering would be purely on the basis of providing professional photography and design services to the homeowner. In fact, I would only make the disclosure to the homeowner, based on what the law requires me to disclose about my licensure. If I chose to pursue this avenue, I would have to check with my state's real estate commission to determine what my obligations would be in that respect. This is another factor that makes me a little cautious about moving in FSBO work.

    The agent referral process would come into play only if the homeowner should mention that they would consider working with a real estate agent in the future, then I might take the opportunity to suggest a Realtor within my network of clients that offer superior marketing services.

    I would never discount my services for a FSBO because it is likely that I won't receive much, if any, repeat business or referrals from them. I have offered discounts to my "high volume" Realtor clients because I have some that call me to do photo shoots for them at least once, if not multiple times per week. And, they refer quite a few other agents. That's where the real money is...

  7. I'm not really a photographer, but do handyman work and gardening. One of my employers knew I sold a house on the internet and asked if I would make him a website. He offered me a $1500 retainer which I used to buy a Nikon D40, Sigma wide angle lens, Photoshop CS2, a couple of strobes and miscellaneous stuff.

    I studied Photography for Real Estate, along with Strobist and Ken Rockwell's site and came up with a pretty decent website for him for which he paid me $4000 total. I then listed his home on ebay, Zillow, and For Sale by Owner and provided links to the website. We hired a flat-fee agent which allowed the home to be shown on the Multiple Listing Service and on
    Since he was willing to pay a buyer's agent three percent of the sale, we also had many local agents showing the house after we put a sign out.

    So essentially when he sells the house, he will be saving the selling agent fees which allows him to accept a lower bid on the property. And, he is getting much more exposure do to the internet listings.

    Now there are two more of my regular employers who are selling houses and want me to do websites.

    I thank you all for the fine information you provide.
    BTW, here's the website:

  8. I, too, do virtual tours for FSBOs. My real estate clients do not fear this; in fact, one of them has asked me to tell my FSBO clients that should they later choose to list with her, she will reimburse them the cost of the virtual tour.

    We charge more to FSBOs than realtors because they tend to require a bit more help and I do not like to "drop them on their heads" once the photography has been done...and quite naturally, realtors are repeat clients and so receive bulk discounts.

    Dawn Shaffer,

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