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Enfuse For Real Estate Photography Video Class and e-book - By Simon Maxwell

In this video class, London interiors photographer Simon Maxwell, takes you through the process of shooting a series of bracketed images and then processing them with Lightroom and the LR/Enfuse plug-in.

This LR/Enfuse processing is one of the most popular ways of post processing bracket images for interiors produces beautiful, realistic results.

This video series also shows you how to use the popular Enfuse-Flash Hybrid technique where, by simply adding a single manual fill flash when shooting brackets, you can improve your results significantly.

Since speed is of the essence when doing your post-processing, this class shows you how to organize your images in Lightroom with stacks and take advantage of the batch processing features of LR/Enfuse.

The Enfuse technique presents another technique for your interior photography tool kit that will make sure you are prepared to get great shots even in difficult situations where other techniques may not get the shot.

Here is the Table of Contents of the video class:

Here is what people are saying about this video series:

Jerry Miller:

"I have been fortunate enough to preview this series of lessons and they are great. Well worth the investment for those that want a fast track to accomplishing great work in a efficient time saving work flow. As one who has put thousands of images through the enfuse process, I can tell you that I wish these lessons were around a few years ago to save me all the time and effort it took to learn the tips and tricks to produce great images."

Conrad Rowe:

"Simon, just finished the course. You did a great job explaining Exposure Fusion. I have tried it before and wasn’t to impressed. This video series has really helped. Looking forward to implementing this into my workflow."

Kerry Bern:

"I have gone through all of the videos twice and have to say that overall Simon did a great job! I'm sure a lot of folks will appreciate the effort put forth and the excellent visual materials that were used. Really well done Simon! I know firsthand how time consuming these can be to create as I have made several screen capture videos for people that I have coached recently."

Tyler Raymond:

"About 3 months ago, I purchased the ebook and made a commitment to try 25 shoots using enfuse. I have done 12, and am very excited by the opportunities it opens up.

Oddly enough, I sat down last night at 11:00 EST to open the ebook up and do some reviewing, and noticed Larry’s email introducing this series. Incredibly timely, and so far, seems worth the money. Like Scott Hargis’s Lighting interior series, the video presentation seems much more intuitive. Simon’s presentation is smooth, easy to follow, and concise. Highly recommended!."

Julie Legge:

"This fantastic series is for every real estate photographer - from the beginner to seasoned professional. It thoroughly covers the practical shooting and processing techniques behind the Enfuse system that will result in outstanding photos, setting you apart from the competition. I wholeheartedly recommend this series."

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