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Enfuse and Hand Blending in Photoshop For Real Estate Photography

By Simon Maxwell

In this book, London interiors photographer Simon Maxwell, takes you through the process of shooting a series of bracketed images and then processing them with Lightroom and the LR/Enfuse plug-in.

This LR/Enfuse processing is one of the most popular ways of post processing bracket images for interiors produces beautiful, realistic results.

This book also shows you how to use the popular Enfuse-Flash Hybrid technique where, by simply adding a single manual fill flash when shooting brackets, you can improve your results significantly.

In this second edition, Simon also goes into detail about how to blend multiple images in Photoshop.

Since speed is of the essence when doing your post-processing, this book has a complete chapter that shows you how to organize your images in Lightroom with stacks and take advantage of the batch processing features of LR/Enfuse.

The Enfuse technique presents another technique for your interior photography tool kit that will make sure you are prepared to get great shots even in difficult situations where other techniques may not get the shot.

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Here's What People Are Saying About This Book.

Timothy Armes - Developer of LR/Enfuse plugin

"All credit must go to Simon Maxwell for producing what is, without any doubt at all, the most detailed and well-written guide on using LR/Enfuse that is currently available. If you wish to get the best possible results from image blending, then you shouldn't hesitate to set some time aside, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and read Simon's book. You won't regret it."

Logan Cartwright

"At the end of the first read through and got to say, FANTASTIC!
I got Enfuse a while back and I hacked my way through OK sort of, but went back to mini strobes. Now, thanks to your Enfuse ebook, l'll be able to use Enfuse most of the time. Thanks!"

Jerry Miller

"Just downloaded the book and for those that invested in the Scott Hargis book “The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors – Techniques for lighting with small flash” you’ll find that it flows just as well with information to master the art of enfusing photos so they look natural. I have been doing this for awhile with thousands of images and still find it useful"

Reed Radcliffe

"I found this book to be very useful as one who just recently moved from HDR tone mapping with Nik HDR EFex 2 to L/R Enfuse. It does clear up some of the issues I have been having."

Andreas Feustel

"Thank you for this great book! Another useful tool in my toolbox for shooting interiors with excellent results. I just started with using Enfuse (in addition to Scotts Hargis’ and Mike Kelly’s approaches) a couple of weeks before this book was published and the book offers a bunch of very useful informations to improve speed and quality. I printed and ring bind the book and have it in my E-Book App on the iPad as well. Both versions are perfectly formatted and a joy to read. Even for a German guy like me it was easy to read and understand every single step and chapter. And the price is definitely a no brainer!! So, it’s highly recommended and both thumbs up!"

Greg Izquierdo - Marbella, Spain

"Great! and at affordable price too! because other learning resources are Galactic!!! I will buy the mine mostly to know about how to manage in HDR because im so so happy with my HDR, or maybe is because I'm more of a lighting guy. I'm interested in hybrid tech too in order to have more options to resolve works issues."

Kerry Bern - Des Moines, Iowa

"I highly recommend Simon's book on using the Enfuse plug-in from LR. Well worth the money. He explains the process in depth from how to shoot the bracketed exposures to the final finished image."

Julie Legge - Charlotte, North Carolina

"This book is fantastic and highly recommended. It explains the concept of Enfuse thoroughly and walks the reader through specific shooting and processing techniques that will result in better photos immediately."

Michael Yearout - Breckenridge, Colorado

"I’ve been using the Enfuse/Lightroom plugin for about 5 years now. I did a lot of experimenting with adding flash, stops between exposures, number of bracketed shots, etc. I finally settled on a method that produced the results I (and my clients) liked.

During a few weeks of slow time earlier this year I decided to purchase Simon’s book. I thought for $30 I might pick up a new idea or two. And I was right. The two Lightroom presets alone are well worth the $30. And hanging a sand bag on my tripod was a no-brainer. Why in the world I had not thought of that one before reading the book. I also picked up a few other ideas with which to experiment.

For someone just starting the Enfuse/Lightroom technique, this book is a must. It will get you up and running quickly. For those with years of experience using the technique I would still recommend purchasing it. Old dogs (like myself) can always learn a new trick or two! It is well worth $30."











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