February 7th, 2010

PFRE Blog Disclosure Statement

The United States the Federal Trade Commission requires that, as of December 1, 2009, bloggers and other web authors clearly disclose “their connection, if any, with the advertisers; and also reveal the receipt of free products and or payments from the advertisers“.

I think this is a good thing. I regularly review both hardware, software and online marketing products that I think may be of interest to real estate photographers so the following statement explains how I approach these reviews.

Product Reviews
For product reviews I either use trial test versions of software or purchase the software at my own expense. I have in the past accepted free trial tours for the purpose of evaluations.

For hardware reviews I accept evaluation hardware only on the condition that it will be returned to the manufacturer after evaluation. In most cases I review hardware that I own and use.

The PFRE blog is a Amazon affiliate which means I receive a small commission for Amazon sales that are a result of the buyer clicking on a PFRE blog link to Amazon.

I also advertise my own products which consist of real estate photography e-books and listings the PFRE real estate photographer directory

I advertise a very few selected products that I feel help the real estate photography industry.

During 2010 I was a partner in, LLC which is a real estate photographer tour hosting company. I helped design tours and regularly talk about and features on the blog. As of early 2011 I’m no longer a partner in

Larry Lohrman
Last updated – Feb 2012

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