August 12th, 2014

Real Estate Photography/Videography Coaches

The following is a list of experienced real estate photographers that are willing coach people that are just getting started in the real estate photography/videography business. Anyone interested in coaching should contact these people directly via their websites to find out what their fees are and get more detail information about their specialties and their coaching process.

 Malia Malia Campbell – Seattle, Washington – website:
Specialties: Cinematic style real estate videography, sound/audio design and working with agents in front of the camera.Offers virtual and in-person video mentoring.  For photography mentoring you can purchase the tutorial series she produced with Scott Hargis, Lighting for Real Estate Photography, here:
 Michael Asgian - 300px Michael AsgianSocal Counties, California  –  Website:
Michael has a 1:1 workshop/coaching in SoCal Counties. Interested in Michael’s 1:1 coaching? Details:
Head Shot Barry MacKenzie – London, Ontario – website:
Specialties: What Gear to Use, Attracting Clients, Lighting & Composition, Streamlined Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow, Advanced Photoshop Techniques (masking, color correction, selections, compositing), Transitioning from Real Estate to Commercial Work, Estimating & Licensing, Portfolio & Website Review.  Barry was voted the PFRE Photographer of the Year for 2014.
 John John McBay – Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia – website:
Specialties: John is the author of Image Editing For Real Estate Photography e-book and Image Editing For Real Estate video series. Off camera flash and composition, post-processing/editing, software choices. Will accompany you on your photo shoots. Offers a full day class starting with a discussion of all aspects of real  estate photography continues onto shooting actual homes with off camera flash and exposure fusion and then finishes with post-processing/editing of the images.
 Tony Tony Colangelo – Victoria, British Columbia – website: Specialties: Finding compelling compositions; transitioning from HDR to flash; transitioning from real estate photography to shooting for high profile interior designers, builders and architechts; overcoming fear and self-doubt; exploring business goals and objectives; marketing and branding. Tony was the PFRE Photographer of the month in July 2016 Jun 2015,  Jun 2014 and Aug 2013.
 Kerry Kerry Bern – Des Moines, Iowa – website:
Specialties: Real estate photography business in small markets, equipment/software selection, composition/lighting techniques, post processing, managing and running your business. Personalized video tutorials on post processing using your images.
  Michael Yearout – Breckenridge, Colorado -website: Specialties: Real estate, rental management, commercial, builders, interior designers, manufacturers, decorators, business portraits, walk through videos. Enfuse-flash hybrid photography. Lightroom. Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Bachelor of Science in Education. Michael was PFRE photographer of month Jan 2009.
 JanVanderHeyden Suzanne Feinberg – Phoenix, Arizona – website:
Specialties: Coaching, mentoring and consulting to small businesses, Suzanne offers marketing, social media, search engine optimization, website improvements and general business practice tools for improving and expanding your business. Four times a year PowerVision360 Productions offers a Basic Business Building Blocks to a Successful Real Estate Business
 oliver-zielinski-435x435 Oliver M. Zielinski – Berlin, Germany – website:
Specialties: Real estate photography and editing, advertising, marketing, training/coaching. Olivers’ workshop page is here.
 1x1 128x128 Ethan Tweedie – Big Island, Hawaii – website: Specialties: Real estate and interiors photography, lighting and post processing. Ethan was voted the 2013 PFRE photographer of the year.
 thomas Thomas Grubba – Detroit Metro Area – website: Specialties: Small flash lighting techniques for Real Estate and Interior Design clients. Starting and maintaining a successful business in real estate photography. Getting and maintaining clients. On-site shooting and post processing workflow management. Exposure blending with Enfuse. Portfolio reviews. I’ve taught interior lighting workshops throughout the US and Australia and have trained many well known RE photographers from the ground up.
  Marc Weisberg – SoCal Counties, California – Specialties: Marc specializes in luxury real estate and commercial real estate photography, off camera flash, natural light, and natural looking HDR techniques. Offering 1:1 in person mentoring, skype and phone consultations. Marc aligned with Sony three years ago as a Sony Artisan of Imagery.  Marc’s goal is to have you create repeatable results, wow your clients, earn more business and earn more money. Here is a link to Marc’s coaching page.
  Gary Kasl – San Diego, CA – Specialties: Lighting & Composition – Workflow Efficiency – Layer Blending – Realistic HDR – Advanced Photoshop & Lightroom – Website Development. Offers: Remote 1:1 Coaching Via Web & In-Person 1:1 or Small Group Workshop with Shooting and Editing
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  • I’ve recently worked with “coach” Barry MacKenzie to help me improve my off camera lighting technique and Photoshop skills. (I started in this gig like many others shooting only HDR/Enfuse but have discovered that the HDR/Enfuse technique was somewhat lacking in some circumstances). I am very pleased with Barry’s extremely high level of expertise in all phases of architectural photography as well as his ability to clearly communicate somewhat complex subject matter. Barry is very encouraging and easy-going, which makes for a pleasant experience and helps to kindle my desire for constant improvement in this rewarding profession. Barry receives my highest praise and recommendation for his “mentorship” abilities and his sincere desire to assist others in becoming highly skilled photographers!

  • I have recently had a most positive experience with Tony Colangelo. He responded promptly to my initial request for training and we have established an excellent working relationship since then. He has always been most helpful and willing to share his significant experience with me. It would take me quite some time to elaborate on how much I have learned under his influence. Without reservation, I strongly recommend Tony. If anyone would like to contact me for further comment on my experience with Tony I would be most happy to cooperate.

  • > I’ve been working with Tony Colangelo for quite some time. My experience with him can be summed up in a simple statement: I’ve learned and improved more in the past few months working with Tony, than I did in the first three years of working on my own. His guidance and leadership is literally priceless to me and I can honestly say that Tony and I have developed a relationship that will last a lifetime. He has a quiet confidence that inspires me, and his teachings are in the back of my head every time I stand behind my camera. Reaching out to Tony and asking for his help re: improving my photography and building my brand, was the single best decision I have ever made for my business. To anyone out there who has a passion for photography and wants to take it to the next level, do yourself a favour and spend some time with Tony!”

  • When I started my coaching with Tony Colangelo, I thought the primary value would be getting to learn how to make great images like his. But I was pleasantly surprised that not only did he have expertise in image editing/composition, he also had high-level business and branding expertise. It’s been so great to apply his approach to enhancing my brand and I’m now regularly approaching new clients with what we talked about and it works! Tony explained things in detail which was great because I enjoy doing the deep dive. He combined the right balance of a traditional teaching and a casual openly-talking feel. He also made sure that I fully understood the moving parts of branding and how creating great photos was a part of that. If you’re interested in getting some coaching services for your photography business, I would strongly recommend Tony!

  • I’ve been working with Tony Colangelo for about a year now. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with him. Previous to contacting Tony I was struggling and so was my photography career. I felt a huge obligation to my clients to give them a better product but didn’t know how to go about it. Tony showed me how to take the guesswork out of my photography, deliver better photos and take my photography to the next level. So if you are in the same boat I would highly recommend Tony. Because of Tony’s guidance my business grew 169% last year. If the beginning of this year is any indication it looks like it will grow even more this year. I feel confident I would not be where I am today without Tony’s help.

  • I hired Rich recently to coach me with my new real estate photography service. He was awesome! I didn’t know “who he was” when I hired him. But now I know he is one of the thought leaders of this new industry. He really cares about his colleagues and loves to teach. Plus, did I mention, he is a brilliant photographer? And he is humble with a wry sense of humor.

    What impresses me most about Rich’s coaching and videos is how incredible efficient he is in his work flow. Working with him gave me a lot of confidence and competence. I highly recommend his services to aspiring RE photographers. You will learn a lot and set very high standards for yourself.

  • Hello all,
    I am new here and in photography for real estate, I am very interested in learning about and I’d like to ask if has someone in Orlando area looking for a guy to carry bags and learn about Photography For Real Estate on the weekends.

  • @Jose – Most photographers in your local area are NOT likely to let you tag along because they are basically training someone that’s likely to compete with them! This is why online learning is the best option you have. For this reason, you’d be better off contacting one or more of these coaches directly and working with them online.

    Occasionally (a few times a year) there are live workshops around the US but you are going to have to spend travel money and about $1200 for a few days for this kind of workshop.

    These are all the learning resources we have here on the PFRE blog:

  • I’ve been working with Tony Colangelo as a coach for the past year and I can honestly say it has been the single biggest impact on my growth as a photographer since I decided to pick up the camera and pursue photography full-time as my career. He offers a very structured approach to teaching that covers not only getting your photography chops up to par, but also getting your BUSINESS and branding chops up as well. Working with Tony has quite literally transformed my entire business! We are approaching the culmination of one year working together and as I prepare to launch my new website and brand, I can tell you that Tony’s guidance has been instrumental in taking me from “pretty good” to a place that I never imagined I’d be at a year ago. He’s got a zen-like humble confidence in his approach, a unbridled passion and an incredibly positive, inspiring attitude. This guy obviously loves what he does! More than any other shiny piece of fancy gear, my investment in coaching with Tony over the past year has been the biggest game-changer for me. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to seriously up their game.

  • I started working with Michael Yearout in November 2016. Michael is more than a coach. He is a mentor, an advisor and he becomes your friend. His real estate photography coaching program is not just a one-stop deal nor just a couple of hours of talking on the phone.. He stays with you while you’re building your business. And whatever may come to mind that will benefit your budding business he will share. I highly recommend Michael services if you’re looking for a coach that goes above and beyond!

  • I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching with Ethan Tweedie this past week ( 3/2017). For anyone interested in learning from Ethan, I found his coaching and advice, invaluable. To see his photography techniques and workflow in action, was a tremendous help. He answered all of my questions and most importantly he made sure I understood what he was teaching me.

    He also reviewed my camera set up, gave me some great advice on using certain lenses, post production workflow and made suggestions on other equipment I should consider adding.

    I would highly recommend Ethan’s one-on-one coaching program. To have the opportunity to take a lesson from a Fine Art photographer, who produces magazine quality images, was very rewarding.


  • I am a beginner in real estate photography. Last summer I was traveling to Colorado and knew I would have a free day… On a whim, I looked up real estate photographers in the area near where I would be staying… I found Michael Yearout’s website and loved his work. I contacted him and he was very willing to meet with me. At the time, I had no idea he was a coach. Our session together went very well. He spent a lot of time explaining his equipment, method of shooting, and post processing. Since that time, we have stayed in contact and he has been extremely helpful. I agree with Terry, he becomes your friend. He continues to give me encouragement to keep striving towards my goal. I would definitely recommend him!!!

  • Tom,

    It was a pleasure spending time with you and helping you with your techniques etc. so that you can take your work to a new level.



  • A few nice words about Tony Colangelo: He’s an experienced coach and talented photographer. His coaching plan follows specific steps to get your real estate photography business to the next level, whichever level that might be. You can tell that he is passionate about training and helping others improve, and he holds nothing back when it comes to sharing his shooting and editing techniques with his coaching clients. Highly recommend.

  • I emailed one of the coaches to discuss coaching but the email was kicked back. Is there anyone available in or near CT that I can get in touch with for a little mentoring? I primarily need help w/ the business end of things and if we can touch on some lighting, that would be a bonus. It has to be someone familiar w/ CT and how to start a legal business here because I am, frankly, clueless, i.e. business license, llc, sales tax, etc. and CT is very unfriendly to business here. Thank you in advance.

  • When I went searching for a business coach last summer, I was ecstatic to find that Tony Colangelo was one of the PFRE coaches, as he was one of my favorite photographers in the Flickr group. Also, pretty much everything under the description of his services was exactly what I was looking for. At the time, I wanted to learn more shooting and editing techniques to apply to my higher end shoots, and also how to market to higher end clients such as interior designers. Tony was simply amazing. With his different backgrounds and by also being an amazing photographer, he had a wealth of knowledge to help me through the process of taking my work and business to a new level. I feel so much more confident about the work I am producing and with putting myself out there. Tony gave me a mental workout, but I needed someone who was going to give me homework, and someone to challenge and push me to get out of my comfort zone. Last thing I will say, I had never felt my work was worthy enough to enter any of the POTM contests until I had been working with Tony. I did end up entering one and winning the contest that month! Tony is an extraordinary coach and friend!

  • Hi. We have worked with many of the PFRE readers, RTV dealers and TourBuzz users over the years to help build and improve real estate photography businesses. We led a very successful course – Boost Your Real Estate Photography Business in 30 days. Our private clients come to us and spend 1-3 days learning everything from marketing, processing, and of course shooting techniques. We also help our clients to add additional markets to their services such as small commercial enterprises, hospitality businesses and video production. We give 4 live workshops a year with a maximum of 15 participants and we do 4 online courses as well.
    Let us know how we can help you improve your business, photography or other skills.

  • I have had the privilege of working with Tony Colangelo and I could not be happier with the experience. Tony spent considerable time with me on an exploratory call when I was deciding whether or not to work with a coach. Even in that initial call, he was providing guidance and suggestions on the work he’d seen on my site. When we actually began the coaching process, he was even more engaged in my work and my goals and he tailored the instruction based on my current skill level and the desired outcome for my business. As we went through the process, I felt his instruction taking hold and I began to see noticeable improvements in my compositions and post-processing. Even after the formal coaching was complete, I continued to engage Tony to help me fine-tune my website and the presentation of my images. Tony is an exceptional photographer and an equally incredible coach. I would enthusiastically recommend Tony to any photographer who is looking to make a quantum leap in the quality of their work.

  • I just want to add another positive review for Tony Colangelo. His sessions take you through not only composition, shooting, and editing, he also talks about the psychology behind what makes a great photo. I learned some fast and efficient methods, that also keep quality and composition in my workflow. In the spirit of keeping this short and to the point, I would highly recommend him to photographers of any level. You will not be disappointed!

  • So many wonderful things have already been said about Tony Colangelo and his coaching I don’t know if I can really add anything new, except to say, it is all true!

    On a personal note, I am a new to real estate photography…I had done the reading, watched the videos, and practiced a ton. But I was struggling and wasn’t getting to where I thought I should be or wanted to be. I was missing something, I needed help. So I reached out to Tony and started working with him. We went over the philosophy of a good photo, composition, and editing. What a difference it made in my work, it really improved my photography immensely, and brought me up to a whole different level!

    One of the best investments you can make, as a photographer, is the investment in yourself. So, if you are thinking about reaching out to Tony Colangelo for some coaching…do it!

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