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A Hollywood Approach to Real Estate Video by Tri-Blend Media

September 7th, 2018

How to Shoot Real Estate Video by Parker Walbeck

September 6th, 2018

Recently, I ran across this amazing little video tutorial that is a very concise and surprisingly complete tutorial on how to shoot real estate video. In it, Parker Walbeck goes through the following subjects: Landing gigs What to charge Pre-planning Camera gear Camera settings Composition Setting focus Camera movements Lighting Shooting order This video is […]

How to Shoot Luxury Real Estate

August 24th, 2018

Where Do You Get Legal Music for Videos and Tours?

August 22nd, 2018

Kelvin in Bigsky Country says: Could you guys do another post regarding finding music for videos? That’s always the worst part of making a video – finding music for it, and the frustrating amount of time it takes to find good music. It can take as long to find music as it does to edit […]

Bristol Drone Time-Lapses by Beeston Media, Bristol, UK

August 15th, 2018

?This post is republished from, thanks to Hamish Beeston. Flying a drone to film aerials for your corporate video production in the middle of a city is no easy task; at least in the UK. There are a huge number of rules and regulations which (NB I’m not a drone pilot) seem to me […]

How Do You Control Window Brightness When Shooting Video?

August 9th, 2018

I wanted to do a follow-up post that addressed Hamish Beeston’s (one of the PFRE video jurors) comments on Jared Saulnier’s winning video. For those who didn’t see Hamish’s comment on the video, here it is:

Here Is What Real Estate Video Should Look Like

August 3rd, 2018

Back in 2007, when was starting to expand into the US, I had lunch with the head of Open2View and he pointed out this video and told me about Brett Clements who shot the video and won the Australian award for best property video in 2008.


July 27th, 2018

Shooting Real Estate Video with the Sony A6300 or A6500

July 17th, 2018

Ken in Georgia says: These days, I’m getting more and more requests for video. I have a Nikon 5300 with a Sigma 10-20mm but I am not getting the video quality my clients expect. I have been looking at the Sony A6300 or A6500 but I don’t want to drop and a grand or so […]

How Do You Handle Charging for Rebranded Real Estate Video?

June 24th, 2018

Ashley in South Carolina asked: How do you handle rebranding a video? I created a two-minute “amenities” video including a house that is for sale for a Realtor. That Realtor has been fired by the owner and the new Realtor would like to use the video with their branding. I don’t feel like I should […]

Modern Insanity: Doing the Same Thing over and over and Expecting the Same Results

June 22nd, 2018

How Are You Pricing Real Estate Video?

June 18th, 2018

Denise  asked the following: I would be interested to hear how other photographers price real estate photos when asked for an add-on video tour.  Even if you structure a tour using the same or similar images from the stills, there is obviously added work to put together the tour video. Realtors of course would like […]

Michael and Nory’s Show Reel for Uneek Luxury Tours from 2013

June 15th, 2018


Making a Building Construction Time-Lapse Video

June 11th, 2018

Larry in Virginia asks: One of my commercial clients manages multi-unit apartment buildings all around the DC area. Recently, I was asked if I could do a 30 second time-lapse for their marketing of a new building. I think technically, I can do it, but I have no idea what to charge for this.

How Can Real Estate Photographers Create Short Teaser Videos?

April 18th, 2018

Ashley in South Carolina asks: I am looking for a new way to do what our Realtors call “teaser” videos. Very short, fast moving, less than 30-second videos to generate interest in a property. I would like a program that will generate different looking videos if possible. I assume you are referring to short videos […]