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Selective Perspective Correction – with Garey Gomez

December 23rd, 2018

As real estate photographers, shooting interiors often presents challenges with getting the camera positioned far enough away from the subject to get the desired field of view for what we want to capture. Interior spaces are obviously defined by their walls and since walls don’t move, we have to resort to shooting with wide-angle lenses. […]

How to Replace the SKY in ANY Photo in Photoshop Like a PRO!

November 22nd, 2018

?I recently ran across this video on sky replacement by Jesus Ramirez and was impressed by what a complete and easy to understand explanation he gives about how to replace skies in Photoshop. We’ve talked about where to get skies for replacement before. Here is a recap of sources:

New Versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Released This Week

October 19th, 2018