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The Story of Getting Paid for a Stolen Photo

May 25th, 2018

Why Are Some Agents Asking Real Estate Photographers to Sign a Work for Hire Agreement?

April 2nd, 2018

Eric in LA asks: I got a call from an agent today to shoot a condo next week. We set up a time and everything and just as we were about to hang up he said he had a new agreement form that his office wants photographers to sign and that it says he will […]

Licensing Agreement for Zillow Certified Photographers

March 29th, 2018

James recently asked the following question about the Zillow Certified Photographer agreement: You’ve covered Zillow topics before and I actually got the idea to pursue their “Zillow Certified Photographer” status from PFRE. After shooting the required number of walk-through videos, I’ve been granted that “privilege” of being a Zillow Certified Photographer but the agreement they’re […]

Are You Sure You Understand Your Photo Licensing Agreement?

March 27th, 2018

Alan in Seattle area asked: Last year, I shot a $20 million dollar home. Last evening, an evening magazine show on Seattle’s King 5 (TV), ran a story about that house. They used 14 of my images, which I shot for a realtor when the house was going on the market. Though I was credited […]

When Do You Need Model Releases for Photographing People in a Public Place?

January 7th, 2018

?Michael in Colorado says: I’m getting ready to do some lifestyle shots of my local downtown area and I believe I remember that when you are in a public place and people are in a public place you do not need any model releases for the people you capture in your photographs. However, I’m not […]

Is It Legal to Use Google Earth and Google Maps Imagery on Real Estate Listings?

December 25th, 2017

Leroy in Alberta asked: I started focusing on real estate photography this year and your site has been a very valuable resource! When I Googled this subject, I saw that some people referring to Google Earth Pro users being able to use images commercially, but sifting through the opinions on the online world to get […]

Do You Sign Your Local MLS’s License Agreement?

December 18th, 2017

Travis in Central Washington says: I am a real estate photographer in central Washington and was recently given NWMLS Form 13B to sign (Photographers License Agreement with NWMLS and its members). In looking the document over, the biggest concern I have is in the license section, #2, where the NWMLS states: “Photographer grants NWMLS the […]

How to Find Images That Have Been Stolen from You

November 27th, 2017

Recently, Architectural and Interior Design Photographer George Gutenberg of Palm Desert and Las Vegas had commented on this post.  I think his comment is worth highlighting. The following is an excerpt from his comment: The other day, I did an “infringement search” using my Pixy account. The result is 3,204 infringements!

Does My MLS Have the Right to Put Their Copyright on My Image?

November 22nd, 2017

Larry in Washington DC asks: I occasionally look at Pixsy to see how my photos are being grabbed online for unauthorized use. Recently, I saw a couple of photos I shot for a Realtor appear in the Washingtonian Magazine in Washington, DC. They have the ©MRIS mark on them. If I license my photos to […]

Summary of Photo Copyright Considerations for Real Estate Photographers

November 12th, 2017

Pat in Ohio asks: I have been a real estate photographer for a year now. Just want to confirm who owns the rights of the photographs taken? The real estate company or the Realtor or the photographer? I have been using the photographs for my business card, brochures, website, FaceBook, and Instagram. Just want to […]

What Can a Real Estate Photographer Do if the Client Doesn’t Pay?

November 1st, 2017

Bruce in CT says: This past spring we shot a home for an agent who was referred to us by one of our clients. When it was time to deliver the images, we requested a payment and since the agent was not on the shoot, we sent her an electronic invoice asking her to pay […]

My MLS Told Me I Am Not Allowed to Sell My Photos to the New Agent Taking Over the Listing

October 23rd, 2017

Mike in Pennsylvania says: I was just told by the MLS in my area that I am not allowed to sell my photos to the new agent taking over a listing that is on a different broker of record. She told me that the broker of record and the agent own the rights to the photos. […]

House Bill Brings the Possibility of a Small Claims Copyright System One Step Closer

October 10th, 2017

Last week there was a post over on on the new House Bill introduced to deal with the small claims copyright problem we are all aware of. Michael Zhang says:

Can Homeowners Claim Rights to Listing Photos after Their Property Is Sold?

October 2nd, 2017

Kelvin in Montana asks: The owner of a listing I shot two years ago is claiming that because they remodeled a home, the property rights of the photos of the home when it was in that stage belonged to them… This guy was saying I couldn’t/shouldn’t be able to sell photos from 2 years ago […]

Digital Media Licensing Association Launches Special Real Estate Photographers Membership

October 1st, 2017

Last week, Brian Balduf, the CEO and co-founder of VHT Studios, contacted me about the fact that the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) is launching a registration drive encouraging real estate photographers to join their association. Brian’s company, VHT, is one of the biggest real estate photography companies in the US and they recently won a […]