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Two photos merged in Photoshop

The ability to merge multiple photos is a useful skill for real estate photographers. Even though most of them want to get the photo right directly in the camera, there are certain scenarios where merging the pictures together is proven useful and nece ...



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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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Run and Gun Real Estate Photography Workflow Tutorial by Gary Kasl

Southern California real estate/interiors photographer Gary Kasl, has created a video tutorial outlining his approach to shooting real estate quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Here's what Gary has to say about the material:
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Scott Hargis, Mike Kelley, & Wayne Capili Photography Workshops

Scott, Mike, and Wayne (as Allan says below, "the holy trinity" of interior photography) have created a new workshop series. These are not "real estate photography" workshops. They won't be talking about how to shoot wide, work fast, or be low priced. These workshops will be geared towards making the best possible photo, period - […]

You Can Shoot Real Estate with Only a 24mm Lens!

Dave in Gig Harbor, WA (just south of Seattle) says: Here's a 750 sq ft home I shot with a 24mm. If this doesn't prove that all those zoom-wide lens aren't needed I give up. I literally never go any wider than 24mm these days (often 50mm). The 24mm TS-E hasn't been off my camera […]

Why Is One-Point Perspective so Popular in Swedish Real Estate Photography?

Fredrik in Sweden asks: This past year, I have seen quite a lot of real estate pictures being shot "straight on," with nothing but straight (or rather, as straight as they could get them aligned) lines. Is this some sort of new phase? Or why are they repeatedly doing this in the majority of the […]

What Is the Best Way to Increase the Quality of Your Work?

Diane in New Jersey asks: How up to date is your recommended real estate photography gear page? I currently have a Nikon D3300 and am looking to move up and stay in the Nikon family would you recommend the Nikon D3400, Nikon D5600, or perhaps the newest Nikon D7500? I think you should consider what […]

Resources for Learning Real Estate Photography

In the past week, there have been three almost identical questions like the following from Nancy: Can you recommend any courses one can take to learn beginning real estate digital photography? Are there colleges that offer such courses? If so, would you recommend going that route? In general, I don't recommend learning real estate photography […]

Three Part Real Estate Photography Book Series by Nathan Cool

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Overview: From gear to editing, composition, lighting, settings, techniques and more, real estate photographer Nathan Cool provides a comprehensive guide for shooting high-quality interior real estate photography from start to finish. Learn how to not just take, but also "make" great real estate interior photos with an efficient workflow and cost-effective tools to speed up […]

Why Don't the Architectural Digest and Dwell Websites Give Photo Credit to Photographers?

Craig in Virginia asked: I've noticed that seemingly legitimate websites like AD and Dwell are featuring MANY homes using photo citations such as "Photos Courtesy of Coldwell Banker" or "Courtesy from listing on Trulia." One in particular from today (1/30/18) is this one. These are full feature articles written by staff writers of prestigious magazines. […]

How Do Interior Photographers Get Rid of Unwanted Lens Flare?

?Ron in Texas says: I use a Canon 17-40 mm on a 5D MKIII and for the most part, it performs well. However, even when shooting north facing windows or otherwise shade-side windows in certain circumstances, l experience lens flare. The inconsistency of it is what drives me crazy. Is there a magic camera-to-window angle […]

I Don't Need No Stinken Gray Card!

Recently, Brad in WI asked the following: Does anyone use several grey cards in a room to get accurate color balance? There are plenty of tutorials on how to use a single grey card but they frequently have it placed near a window or tungsten light. Frequently, it's near the edge of the frame which […]

A Short History of Real Estate Photography

Jody who has been in real estate for a long time says: I know you've done a lot of articles on the new/correct ways to photograph real estate but I haven't seen any articles about how the process is really changing. Just 15 years ago, you weren't even able to see a house for sale […]

Three Wall or Two Wall Composition?

In the process of working on a chapter of my e-book covering interior composition I came across a couple of shots of a little condo we sold last year that nicely illustrates the pros and cons of a three wall shot compared to a two wall shot. The upper shot on the right, is effectively […]

How Can You Determine if Your Interior Images Are Properly Exposed while on Site?

Ryan in California asks: I was wondering how you would suggest I shoot a whole house without editing until I get home. Currently I have to retake shots after editing on site after making sure they are exposed correctly. Should I shoot bracketed shots from the dark to light? Like 9 shots total for each […]

Making Slideshows of All the Listings You Shoot

Patrick in Texas says: I am feeling like I'm not taking advantage of all the listings I am shooting. I want an automated way of building a gallery and putting it up on my website so I can refer to it, build meta data, and link to it as needed. Is there a discussion on […]

What's a Quick and Easy Way to Capture Floor plan Sketch with Dimensions?

Brandon in LA says: I recently purchased a Leica DISTO D2 and am planning to offer floor plans (just 2D to start) as an additional service. I've thoroughly researched the various vendors you have listed in previous posts on this subject, and have played around with Leica's own Sketch app (which unfortunately seems way too […]

A Foolproof Digital Workflow for the Professional Real Estate Photographer

This is a guest post by Marc Weisberg of Irvine, CA. Marc is giving a workshop in NYC, June 5th and 6th. Having a foolproof digital post production backup system for architectural and real estate photographers is essential. Below, is a detailed look at the workflow and post production system we use at our studio. We've […]

How Can Real Estate Photographers Speed up Bracket Processing?

Tod in Virginia says: In the past, I've worked mainly on my own but I'm going to work (as a contractor) for a small boutique-ish staging and photography group.  It's all good and the pay is nice, the only possible drawback is we do all the post processing ourselves.  I love Lightroom, but for my […]

How to Create Real Estate Floor Plans

Ivy in New York asks: I was wondering if you know where I can learn how to create floor plans for my real estate clients? Is there an app you can recommend. There is a huge number of floor plan Apps. Most people that do floor plans use some kind of laser measuring device to […]

The Second Edition Of Simon Maxwell's Enfuse E-book Is Now Available

I'm proud to announce that Simon Maxwell and I have finished the Second Edition of Simon's e-book that used to be called Enfuse For Real Estate Photography and is now called Enfuse and Hand Blending In Photoshop For Real Estate Photography. We changed the name of the e-book slightly because Simon has added four chapters on the […]

Basics Of Elevated Exterior Photography For Real Estate

Wanda in Virginia recently asked: I have a question and was wondering how other photographers handle this. It just seems that the best position for photographing most exteriors is higher than my tripod will reach but not high enough for a drone. How do other photographers handle this. I have thought about bringing a different […]

What Can Real Estate Photographers Do To Control The Color Problems When Shooting HDR?

Soo recently asked: I am a real estate agent and photographer. I like to do my own photos and I have a Nikon D750 with a 16-35mm lens. I use Photomatix for HDR for the convenience and Photoshop to edit. However, I have never learned how to get rid of the yellow color cast nicely […]

Should We Be Shooting More In Portrait Mode Since Mobile Devices Are Used So Widely?

Billy posed the following question recently: With there being so much mobile traffic now a days and their native resolutions being in a portrait/vertical orientation vs landscape - have you or any other photographers considered framing more shots in this manner? I've yet to run across a real estate specific website that will auto scale […]

Does The New Merge to HDR Feature In Lightroom Replace LR/Enfuse

Dwayne asked the following: I have used Photoshop from it's first edition. Now I have the new Photoshop CC along with Lightroom CC. I've never used Lightroom before but have seen a lot about Enfuse. My question is: now that LR has it's own "Merge to HDR", do I really need LR/Enfuse? The LR version […]

Floor Plans And Room Dimensions For Real Estate Listings

Kimi-Lynn in Minnesota asked the following question: I am finding that photographers offering room measurements and floor plans are becoming a hot trend. I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this or offering these services, and how they charge for it? Also, for the photographers that offer it, have they had success with specific […]

Should Real Estate Photographers Bother With Picture Styles/Picture Controls?

Dario asks the question: Do you have posts about how to set best picture style on Canon 5D Mark II, for interiors or is everything in post production? First of all the Canon feature that Dario calls Picture Styles is called Picture Controls on Nikon cameras. Both features work generally similar. They give  you some control of sharpness, […]

How Do You Learn Composition For Interior Photography?

A while ago Sandy raise an excellent question: Are there any books out there that would be beneficial to learning composition techniques for RE photography? I think I could use a little help with the basics. My initial answer was no, I know of no books that talk specifically about interior photographic composition, and recommended […]

Real Estate Photographers - Always Shoot RAW!

Over the holidays, Willie asked: "Why shoot in RAW instead of jpeg?. This reminded me of the days years ago when we used to have heated discussions here on PFRE about whether or not you should shoot RAW. The video to the right by Jared Polin is a funny argument from that era. Nowadays there's […]

PlanEdge: Create Floorplans On A Tablet With A Laser Measure

PFRE reader Sean Elliott at Exposure Property Marketing told me about some new floor plan creation software. Sean said: Whilst the market is quieter I thought I would take the opportunity to contact you about a new product we are using at Exposure Property Marketing.  We have helped a software company here in the UK Boxcubic […]

Ethics Considerations In Real Estate Photography

Bob in Michigan asks: How much to remove from photos? Flying my drone for real estate photos, I've followed the philosophy of removing or cleaning up anything that could be done with a broom, a hose or picked-up (dirt on a driveway, yard signs, cars and trash cans). Yesterday I was asked to remove overhead […]

Window Masking Tutorial - For Those Properties With An Essential View

One of the challenges with real estate photography can be getting well exposed interiors and well exposed windows in the same image. Much of the time a perfectly exposed exterior view out the window isn't that essential but when a home has a knockout view home sellers and listing agents want to see both a […]

Two Tutorials On The Highlight/Shadow Sliders In Lightroom

Simon Maxwell our Lightroom Tutorial contributor in London just finished two excellent tutorials about using the Highlight/Shadow sliders in Lightroom. To cover the subject Simon did two different tutorials: Using the highlights slider The shadows recovery slider I believe that the Highlight/Shadow sliders are a hugely important feature for real estate photography. This feature is […]

Flash vs HDR For Interiors And Real Estate Photography

Mike Kelley has a nice article over at comparing HDR vs Flash for shooting interiors. Mike's discussion of this subject is part of a classic continuing discussion (similar to the meaning of life) that goes on among photographers that shoot interiors. There is no one right answer, it's about the results you produce. Mike's […]

Our Real Estate Photography Forum - Learn from the Community

Some PFRE readers may not realize that there are several large forums associated with this blog. For starters, the PFRE Flickr forum is one of the most powerful forms of photographic education that I've ever witnessed. PFRE Real Estate Photography Forum There are several ways to benefit from this free educational forum. You can: Just […]

Should You Use A Cell Phone Camera For Real Estate Photography?

Not to long ago a I was interviewed by an editor from The Residential Specialist magazine which is a magazine for the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS as it's known by real estate agents). I feel honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the article they were doing because my wife Levi has had a CRS […]

How To Prepare Photos For The MLS and Why You Care

Just yesterday I was accused of not having a anything on the blog or in my book about preparing photos for the MLS. This post will fix the blog part and I'll make sure I have similar material in my book in the update that is coming soon. There are a bunch of discussion threads […]

Composition For Interiors Tutorial By Scott Hargis

Scott Hargis posted a great tutorial on his blog today on composition for interiors. Malia Campbell shot the video for the tutorial. I think this is a clever way to talk about and illustrate photo composition. Malia frames the shot with video that Scott is talking about while Scott walks around in the video pointing […]

Perspective Distortion In Real Estate Photography

A very real issue in real estate photography is perspective distortion. It comes up all the time because real estate photographers use wide angle lenses which are famous for two types of distortion: Barrel distortion: This is a lens defect prominent in ultra-wide zooms where straight lines near the edge of the image are curved. […]

Shooting Brackets For Exposure Fusion and HDR

There are many real estate photographers that have realized that shooting a series of bracketed exposures and using the Exposure Fusion (EF) feature in Photomatix or one of the many other EF applications is a quick and easy way to getting good quality interior shots. Not as high a quality as multiple off camera flashes […]

Real Estate Photography Basics: Focus, Exposure and White Balance

This last week I gotten several questions about the basics of real estate photography like "should I use autofocus?", "what should I do about reflections from my flash?", "should I increase the ISO if there isn't enough light?". "should I use RAW or JPG?" So I thought it would be useful to step through some […]
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