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Calling Out for Panelist Questions! (and Important Reminder)

Published: 29/10/2019
By: Brandon

As we approach the PFRE Conference in Las Vegas in just a few short weeks, I’m working behind the scenes with a bunch of people to finalize details for what I’m confident will be a first-class event. One of the highlights of the conference--and certainly one of the things that I’m personally looking forward to as a photographer--is the panel discussion at the end of day two. It’s going to be a great opportunity to get some insights from some of the top names in our field and I want to make sure that the information that comes out of that portion of the conference will stick with everyone for a long time.

While I think it’ll be a lot of fun to ask some questions to our panelists, off the cuff (just to see how they might answer in real-time), I was thinking that it would also be great to come up with some questions ahead of time, so that they can pull together their best possible answer. So, I’m writing this post as a sort of “open call” to get some questions that are most important to you, so I can forward our panelists.

Please use the "Comments" section below to ask your questions. More updates regarding the conference will be coming soon, so please stay tuned!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the special room rate that's been negotiated with the South Point Resort is going to expire at end of business (Las Vegas time) on Oct. 29th.

So if you haven't yet booked your room, please click here to take advantage of this special rate.

9 comments on “Calling Out for Panelist Questions! (and Important Reminder)”

  1. Can't make it this year but intend to come in the future. Las Vegas is a great location for any convention. Have a good and fruitful time, everyone!

  2. It would be helpful to discuss new and upcoming technology that will affect the way we work. Software, hardware, accessories, improving phone camera technology. How can we as professionals stay ahead of the curve and be perceived as indispensable?

  3. Looking forward to coming out! I put together a couple questions to consider. Thanks for all the work putting this event on as well!

    1. There seems to be an educational path in the career of the Real Estate Photographer. Most start with single ambient, then some form of HDR, then flash, then back to ambient or some form of it. Has that trend occurred in your career? At what point did you decide you were ready for the next level?

    2. What was the "A Ha" moment that made you change techniques or wanted to incorporate something new?

    3. There seems to be some tension between providing UWA shots for RE, and a tighter comp for design and detail. Are they two separate branches of photography under the same tree?

    4. Similar to question 3. From the RE agent's perspective there is legitimate value to showing off the entire space in a single frame. From Tony Colangelo's composition videos I also understand the "Ahhhhhhh" feeling. My sense is that most agents just want a good photo that represents the space, and designers/builders crave the ahhh. How much value are we putting on our client's needs vs. what we deliver?

    5. Is there a specific order you deliver photos to a client? I used to deliver the sets as a reasonable "walk" through the house. Is there value to front loading the better photos? Is photo fatigue a thing?

    6. I would tend to believe that most of us have a hard time taking criticism from clients. What was the biggest "issue" that needed to be addressed and how did you handle it?

    7. From a business perspective, what daily issues do you encounter that drive you nuts? Robocalls, website, invoicing, credit cards, emails, etc.

    8. What's your music of choice when editing?

    9. If you've been in the business long enough, someone is going to use one of your photos without permission. How'd you go about contacting the user and what was the outcome?

    10. What reading material do you use to stay on top of the photography trends? Who do you follow on social media for inspiration?

    11. How many "personal projects" do you still get to shoot? Do you still shoot for the enjoyment of the profession outside of work?

    12. Did anyone ever try working in a "team" atmosphere? Most of the top photographers all seem to run their shops solo. Are there behind the scenes folks working daily?

    13. Where do you go to learn new tricks of PS or shooting?

    14. How much involvement do you have with social media and attracting attention for your business?

    Canon vs Nikon vs Sony....go 🙂

  4. Rich King really hit all the buttons on some of my questions and more.

    As a new real estate photographer we also have questions about startup processes like contracts, insurance, distribution of finished product, product offerings, equipment needs and costs etc.

    Not just the need for these things but examples of what works and what doesn’t and why. At least point us in the right direction and we can make our own decision.

    I won’t be attending either but welcome all the positive feedback.

    I hope everyone has a safe trip and the event is truly successful and profitable.

  5. lol @ Frank. I get all sorts of them. VA, Home Loans, Health Insurance, you name it. It's a PITA only because they've started using local numbers and I'm not sure if it's a client calling. I try not to answer when shooting especially if there's an agent on site but you do what you have to sometimes.

    The other PITA I had was another company overseas managed to place my email address into hundreds of newsletters from random companies. I had to contact Mailchimp to have my address removed. New ones were popping up daily. I believe they pulled my info from the website.

  6. 1. What are some ways to avoid burnout?
    2. Do you send your clients gifts at the end of the year? And what do you think would be a good gift?

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