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Breaking News: Hold Off On Installing The Latest Lightroom Update 6.2

Published: 09/10/2015
By: larry

If you haven't installed it yet, better hold off on installing Lightroom CC 6.2 the update that was released a few days ago. There appear to be a number of stability issues with it.

Here some places to follow what's going on with this issue:

  4. Adobe Lightroom forum

Apparently there's an new update from Adobe 6.2.1 that may fix the problem see:


Update 10/9 8 PM Pacific: I agree with Karl's comment below. Tom Hogatry's (the Lightroom product manager) apology for the Lightroom 6.2 release is a good place to express you feelings about this issue.

I'm still a little confused as you why Hogatry doesn't also refer to Lightroom CC 2015.2 as well as Lightroom 6.2. I've not upgraded to Lightroom CC 2015.2 yet and I don't see the alleged fix released this morning (Lightroom CC 2015.2.1) in my creative cloud app. This whole thing is a world class disaster and I don't see that Adobe understands this yet.

Update 10/12:

  1. I'd like to thank Laura Shoe for calling this Lightroom disaster very early and stopping me from even installing the last two Lightroom updates. I subscribe to her site and she recommended not installing the first update almost immediately.
  2. This disaster is now an issue of the new import process in Lightroom. Scott Kelby over at is tracking and explaining this issue as only Scott can do. He's got a poll on the new import process. Be sure to go take the poll! Hopefully Scott can talk some sense into Adobe. If he can't convince them to fix the Import process, no one can.
  3. How to roll back to Lightroom CC 2015.1.1/Lightroom 6.1.1: see David Marx's instructions and video tutorial here.

14 comments on “Breaking News: Hold Off On Installing The Latest Lightroom Update 6.2”

  1. Too late and the fix didn't work either. Logging out, then back in CC helped a bit. Disabling the graphics processor worked better - but obviously not the optimal solution...

  2. The import-dialogue is also dumbified: A lot of essential functions for import are removed and is now aimed at a new-beginner audience. Thanks Adobe, for destroying my work-flow!

  3. I definitely need to read my email more often during the day. Just processed photos from today's shoot and its a good thing the Adobe software people were not within range. It would have been real ugly! All I can say is screwed up beyond belief!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Wouldn't have known otherwise. I would have thought that an Adobe update would be ready for prime time. I guess I'll have to search the web for issues from now on when products/updates are released.

  5. I normally do an upgrade to keep my Lightroom CC updated, which I did a few days ago.
    yesterday, after a shoot I tried uploading my property,but the import screen looked strange and my files went into a different folder which I couldn't find. when I tried to re-import the files, there was a message saying these files were already in the catalogue and would not allow me to re-import.
    After saying a few choice negative words (that I picked up in the Navy) about Adobe, I re-named my files on the camera card, and was allowed to re-import the missing files.

    @Bruce, years ago I purchased Capture 1-7 (which was quite expensive). I heard it was the ultimate RAW processing software, but found it confusing and not nearly as intuitive as Lightroom. But perhaps I should re-evaluate my decision and see about upgrading to the latest version.
    Adobe's CC subscription has been a love hate relationship. I liked Lightroom better when it was a stand alone program. Now that Photomatix has upgraded its software, I find the new real estate- Interior settings to be a little more realistic than the Lightroom built-in merge to HDR.

  6. I learned long ago to wait a week on new releases to see how others have fared. One of the articles listed above mentions that the Adobe team was out of the office at a large meeting (Adobe Max). Adobe might want to make it a policy to not release anything while the relevant staff are out of the office. I can imagine the panic on the floor as people's phones start lighting up with messages that there is a major problem with a release.

    I hope they aren't dumbing down the software to appeal to less experienced users. LR is easy to get started with already and really dumb people are never going to get it regardless of how much one holds their hand. A better idea would be to strip the current version back to have the feature set of v3 and sell it as Lightroom Elements.

    When Apple put Final Cut Pro in reverse with the release of FCPx, they lost plenty of customers to competing applications. After all, they have iMovie for people that don't want or need all of the features of FCP.

  7. OK. I just swallowed my aging pride and signed up for the Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC package last week. Frankly, I have been using Bridge for so long that being swamped with work is not a good time to try to teach myself a new application like Lightroom although I am thrilled with some of the new features of Photoshop over my CS6 version. And even Bridge CS6 for my new MacBookPro i7 has dumped a bunch of features and hidden my most used ones where I can't find them. Thanks Adobe. So I have ignored the little notices of new versions of my new apps. Just as well from what I am seeing in this post. Is there any way this post can be kept in front of our eyes so when anyone finds out that Adobe has fixed the problems that interrupt usually hectic work loads we can all know?

    And I agree with with Ken. My new lap top comes with iMovie 10.0.9 which is such a huge improvement over 9.0.4 it is unbelievable. Just another learning curve as I am right in the middle of a new and pressing video. 9.0.4 would not stabilize my Canon DLSR video that I prefer to use for the better glass, clear wide angle and fine color and exposure depth. 10.0.9 does. Very nice. So now I can manage without a floating head, slider and other accouterments. As a former photo journalist, I love to get away with hand held when I can. I like walking with my video; this allows me to do that. So despite some set back, our tools are moving us ahead.

  8. And Jason, there is also a very interesting article discussing the differences between Lightroom and Capture One for imaging processing. Anyone use Capture One? A good point was made that Adobe seems to be seeking a wider market for their products and that seems to be the amateur as opposed to the professional market. I think a very good suggestion above is for them to allow for two levels of controls: basic and advanced that can perhaps be set in Preferences so the same software will work for both markets.

  9. Skimmed through 100+ responses to TH's apology. Yes, they made a gaff and need to adjust. Seems 90% of the gripes were solely over the auto-eject card feature. Personally I handle the import process a bit differently and have never used it. But over-simplifying the rest of the process certainly would cause angst. The level of change they've referred to doesn't sound like something you do in a 'dot' release.

    That said, I did find it interesting how some are now calling for Tom H's head, suggesting he resign, management changes are needed... That Adobe was arrogant, careless, what-have-you. Mistakes and errors in judgments happen. If major gaffs continue, then, perhaps. But as a result of one mistake?

    I've lived in the software world most of my career and have owned entire product lines. While I may have had a strong influence on a final direction, it is always a team activity, and choices are never made (at least in my experiences) casually. Once you've lived through your first gaff, seen the resultant revenue impact...despite best efforts...

    But, here's the one thing I've gotten out of the thread: With the 'fix,' did it return everything to the 'way it was?' What, exactly, was the 'fix'?

  10. I just noticed when opening my Adobe cloud icon, there is an update for Lightroom

    after doing the last update, I am afraid to do this one.

    is this a fix and what does it do??

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