The PFRE book Shelf lists books that may be of interest to real estate photographers. Besides my own recommendations many of these books have been recommended by PFRE readers. So if you have a favorite book of any kind that you think other real estate photographers would be interested in let me know and I'll add it to the list.

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"The best $30 you will ever spend if you are into photography... not necessarily exclusively about Architectural/Interiors but one can learn tons of stuff out of it and use it accordingly for your own purpose. It's the main bible for me... very inspirational and hands on.

Michael Asgian

"... this book is the Gold Standard for lighting..."

David Hobby


"This book contains an entire section devoted to 'real estate photography' challenges, includes plenty of examples, and even dives into (with examples) the benefits of using various HDR processing software.

Jason Bennett


"I purchase the hard copy because it’s such a great reference book for the application I use the most. Well, maybe I use my browser more than Lightroom, but not much. Scott does a great job with his books. They are the number one selling technical books on the planet, and you can see why."

PFRE Book of the Month for August 2013

Larry Lohrman


Julius Shulman who died at the age of 98 in July of 2009 for many was one of the greatest Architectural photographers ever. Shulman's clients were architects like Richard Neutra, Raphaek Soriano and Frank Lloyd Wright. Shulman is kid of the Edward Weston of Architectural photography. Frank Lloyd Wright said Shulman was the best architectural photographer that he had ever worked with. Hows that for an endorsement?

Larry Lohrman


"You're going to want a good Digital Asset management (DAM) system, and that should include key-wording your files. I'm not even going to touch the subject further, as Peter Krogh has covered in his fantastic book, The Dam Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers."

Scott Hargis


"I highly recommend John Harrington's book, "Best Practices for Photographers." Though it's aimed more towards the established editorial/advertising/commercial photographer, there is tons of great stuff for RE shooters as well. Harrington is a real-deal pro photographer. Especially revealing and informative are the book's many "case studies" covering a wide variety of topics where Harrington includes actual contracts and e-mail conversations with clients. His pricing policies and thoughts on getting paid what you deserve are enlightening. Example: instead charging late payment fees, he charges them up front and then discounts the client if they pay within 30 days. There are lots of little clever, but important, negotiating strategies like this in the book."

Aaron Leitz


"There is a book that everyone in this genre/industry should read: The confused Photographers Guide to Spot Metering - fy Farzad. Iknow that once a person truly understands how their spot meter works they will get better results. I shot probably 85% of my website images with nothing more than an accurate exposure and looking at the scene to see what was important in the light values. No speedlights... no strobes... no reflectors... NOTHING. Getting the windows is not everything... Conveying the feeling is everything."

M. James Northen