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Another Stunning Video By Michael Pelzer of Uneek Luxury Tours

Published: 09/02/2012
By: larry

I featured  Michael Pelzer's video for the first time back in April of last year. Michael showed me this recent video yesterday and it's just too good to not pass on to everyone.

This property is a home built by Phil Kean Designs and is featured in the National Association of Home builders show in Orlando. This property is not on the market. Michael's client is the Phil Kean Designs builder.

I think this is a stunning piece of work! I like the length, the use of selective focus, the camera moves everything about this video. I wish I had a garage like this for my Porsche!

Michael has an impressive list of clients for just being in this industry for two years. He has 5 wall street journal cover features for photography, one for video, a NYtimes front feature, a fox news gig and two Orlando contracts with NFL players.  Also Disney world hired him to shoot their luxury community golden oaks.

Michael is obviously doing something right. People ask me all the time about how to build a business in video. I'm not sure I know what the formula is but I'm convinced that two parts of the formula are how good you are at marketing video to clients and where you live. I doubt that video will be as popular in Wichita, KS as it is in Orlando, FL and were ever you are you'd better be good at showing agents video will help them sell.

29 comments on “Another Stunning Video By Michael Pelzer of Uneek Luxury Tours”

  1. You could record that home with an original iPhone and it would still look amazing. Wow! that's a sweet place. Oh, and a very nice video BTW. Really well done!

  2. Beautiful... Hell, I would shoot a house like that for free just to get inside... We don't have cool places like that here in stodgy New England!

  3. I typically do not shoot the toilets guys but this one is I think is $7k so figured I had to add a shot of it!

    Yeah we are spoiled out here in Fla with the luxury homes we get to shoot. I have another that a professional golfer is building right now that is really modern and slick.

    Thanks for sharing Larry.

  4. Does anyone else think some of these videos are getting a little to abstract?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the video, but I just wondered what other people thought.


  5. Judging by the comments the video must be good. Unfortunately youtube is not playable in Beijing...and your site is not viewable on an iPad.

    (only place in china to view youtube vids is Hong Kong. Mainland china - Shanghai, Beijing etc blocked by gov't)

    ...can't wait to view it back home in Canada.

    Any html5 non-YT versions around?

  6. Beautiful, clean video! I might suggest that the cuts/transitions are too quick. I was trying to get a sense of place inside the home and those scenes seemed to be cut short. However, I am aware that this is a lot of house to cover and keep it interesting within a 3 minute presentation. Great job Michael !
    One question! How many real man hours do you have in this production between capture and post production? Any assistants?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!
    Best Regards,

  7. Steve here is a vimeo link hope it helps.

    I was at the home roughly 2 days shooting combined over a course of 3 days, the weather did not work with us to well and I had one person on site helping me majority of the time. We actually shot about 20 images of the home as well.

    Keep in mind this was for a builder not a agent so the fee was based on day rates.

  8. Hi Michael,
    I would assume that if you are charging architectural day rates that this video production is in the $3,000.00 range,...just saying 🙂
    Thanks again for your inspiring work.
    Best Regards,

  9. I tend to agree with Yearout. It's a nice video with some very nice scenes but I found the panning and artsy comps were overdone. As a builder I'd want to see more of the house, less decorations with an emphasis on main architectural features.

  10. Hmmmmmm! Technically, a brilliant video. But I wonder why, when the client is paying you so much many to promote his house, do you bother filming a bowl of fruit - it ain't for sale...........

  11. Can't please everybody huh lol

    @Michael, there was not a single "Pan" in the and the "decorations" you mean art work worth over a million dollars? or the other features like taps, toilet etc that are all big $$$ The builder owns a interior design firm as well so its just as important to show the "details" in the home. I have to take your comments with a grain of salt considering you thought too much panning was in the video when really there was not one shot where I just panned...hrmm

    @ Andy Not sure where I was filming a bowl of fruit? I re-call a focus pull from a $2k tap in the kitchen...

    Appreciate the feed back everybody!

  12. I noticed the time-lapse slider. I will try that same shot soon. Interesting to see that clip right before the same slider normal speed.Loved all the focus-pulls. IMHO a few too many slides, I felt glad to see the stationary shot at the end, where I could 'rest'. Otherwise great quality.

  13. @Michael Yearout

    This isnt meant to be rude, but In the end why would Michael from uneekluxurytours care what you (or anyone else) thinks? There is only ONE person who matters and that is his client....period.

    Considering the amount of time that was spent on this video, I am sure this builder wanted EXACTLY what was filmed and it was done very well. I honestly dont think any other style of video could have showcased the house as well as Michael did.

    If this style of video is bringing in business for Michael then that is all that matters.

    I always find it funny when people comment that there are too many "this" or not enough of "that without having a clue as to what the actual client wanted. If the client asks for do it. Im not sure how you think you can run a business any other way.

  14. Dear Michael,

    I am sure the client was thrilled and that is what counts, what I am so impressed about is the way you had the conviction to allocate a good budget and come up with a great suitable product.

    We quote a silver or gold product irrelevant to the value of the property so we need to work to 60 minutes on site and 60 minutes edit, bad for us, the agent and the client.

    Well done.


  15. Absolutely loved it. Great work! I hope to be at that level one day!

    I do have a question maybe someone can provide some insight for me - I was talking to an editor/friend of mine the other day. He was critiquing some of my work - His comment to me was - never have inanimate objects moving on their own - For example - I had a hammock moving back and forth and rocking chairs rocking without anyone in them - sinks on etc...
    Michael - I noticed in one of your shots that a door was opening - And it reminded me of this the same critique my friend/editor gave me. I think it looks great - but was curious what everyone's opinion was on having inanimate objects animated?

    Michael - Again, stunning video! great work! I wish mine had the look, feel, and style as your's do - great work!

    Thanks - David Holloway

  16. It was shot with the 5d II and the lens were 50mm L, 16-35mm L, T/S 24mm.

    as for the shot with the door moving I think that is all personal style/creativity, there is no right or wrong imo when it comes to art, at the end of the day when you create something it is art.


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