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The Render Flames tool in Photoshop is a very powerful and dynamic tool that lets you add fire in just a few steps where there otherwise wasn't one in your photo. In this video, I demonstrate step by step how you can have Photoshop render a fire into a ...



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Adobe Lightroom 5 Has Been Released

Published: 11/06/2013
By: larry

LR5Today Adobe Released the final version of Lightroom 5. If you have a previous version of Lightroom you can update for $79. Or for $149 purchase for the first time. Or you can also get it as part of the Creative Cloud.

Probably one of the best ways to understand all the cool new features in Lightroom 5 is to watch Julieanne Kost's What's New in Lightroom 5 video series. Julieanne walks you through:

  1. Correcting Perspective using Upright
  2. Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization Tool
  3. Radial Filter
  4. Smart Previews
  5. Improved Book Creation Experience
  6. Top 10 Hidden Gems

For real estate photographers the new automatic Perspective Correction feature in Lightroom 5 is worth the price of the upgrade, it takes the tedium out of correcting vertical and leveling horizontals!

For and even more detailed list of Lightroom 5 resources take a look at the adobe Lightroom Journal blog.

9 comments on “Adobe Lightroom 5 Has Been Released”

  1. During the beta (and in the jobs done since LR5 became available), I found the Upright feature worked only about 70% of the time. Sometimes it was probably close enough for clients not to notice but I did. In fairness, it has to deal with things that aren't vertical, such as fridges that often tilt backwards to ensure the door closes, furniture (especially bookcases) that are designed to lean towards the wall to prevent it from toppling over, framed prints and paintings that may be hung crookedly (yes, I should have noticed that and straightened it while I was there), the backs of sofas that are rarely vertical and curtains that don't hang straight down. When this happens, I use the manual Transform Vertical and Rotate sliders to get it to where I am 100% satisfied. I'm sure Adobe will improve the hit rate in time and it's certainly made the editing process far more enjoyable but has anyone else had a similar experience?

  2. Larry,

    What do you think of the Creative Cloud. Am I understanding you get ALL the adobe programs for the monthly fee and you can access them from any computer?



  3. @Roy- Sound like you may be under the impression that the programs run from a central server and that you can log in on anywhere - a common misconception about the Creative Cloud. A summary current situation is more-or-less as follows:

    -You can still buy a flat fee, non-expiring license for a downloadable version of Photoshop CS6 (and the rest of the current Creative Suite). That option may end at anytime and this will be the last version of Photoshop (and the rest of the Creative Suite products you can by an non-expiring license for by paying a flat fee.

    -You can subscribe to the "Creative Cloud" for a flat monthly or annual fee, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL all the programs to two computers just like before, and get periodic feature updates as long as your subscription is in effect. If/when it expires, the programs on your computer stop working. It's not clear to me if it's possible to "deactivate" your subscription on one computer and then "activate it" on another if you're traveling or something. But in any case: 1. You can have ONLY two computers active at any one time. /// 2. The software must be downloaded and installed on the computer you want to work on. /// 3. You can now have one MAC and one PC active under your license (that's a change). /// 4. You do not sit down at a workstation and "log in" with your license or access the programs from the web.

    -You get some storage space on Adobes servers (that's the cloud part of this marketing mess) for your files which you can choose to use or not to store files and collaborate. If/when your Creative Cloud subscription expires, you loose access to those files (so only the dumb will not have local copies of anything stored "on the cloud"). You can (and should) still work with and store files on your own computer.

    -Rumor has it that Adobe is considering some kind of photographer's package with Lightroom, Photoshop/Bridge and some cloud storage as one of the (badly named) Creative Cloud subscription options at a price point that makes sense for individual users. They have announced that they are looking at some period of extended access to files stored on their servers (the "cloud") if Creative Cloud subscriptions expire.

    No matter how you feel about the new Adobe policies, their failure to differentiate between the umbrella marketing for Creative Cloud and the subscription pricing for their software (you'll rent from month to month or annually instead of paying a one time fee for a lifetime license) has led to lots of confusion.

    I personally will live in Lightroom and keep using PS CS6 till it no longer works on my computers, as long as Lightroom doesn't evolve to a subscription pricing model—all the while hoping that Apple will someday release version 4 of Aperture and hope they'll both bring it up to date feature-wise and continue their much improved schedule of RAW format updates for new cameras (it used to be months before Apple would catch up to new camera model RAW file formats).

    If your business requires several of the Creative Suite products, the subscription pricing is not to bad, provided you want to pay it the rest of your life. If you're just a Photoshop user, it doubles your cost.

    I certainly wouldn't consider the subscription pricing for the entire Creative Suite just to get Photoshop and Lightroom. If you already have PS CS6 and Lightroom 4, you can upgrade to Lightroom 5 and likely live with that combination for a couple of years for $79-which is less than the cost of two months subscription to all of Creative Suite under the annual plan.

    Choose wisely. A commitment to subscription pricing for business-critical software when you are a solo operator or very small business is not a decision to take lightly.

    JD, Adelaide Australia

  4. @Roy- Who it makes sense for depends on how many of the applications you use and how important they are to you. I personally dislike the subscription model it would cost me more than I've paid Adobe in the past. I'm going to avoid subscribing to it for as long as I can. Whether or not I ever subscribe will depend on new Photoshop and InDesign features I feel I can't live without and if they ever make Lightroom only available via CC. I can't live without LR.

  5. @Dave - I have to agree with your assessment of the Upright tool. Some shots it is absolutely magical, and others it really doesn't help at all. I have to agree that it is for the same reasons you listed. I have only done two shoots with it and already I know when the 'one click fix' won't work, and just go straight for the manual correction. Not a big deal to me. It really did save me a lot of time for the shots it did work on. For some reason I have about a 50/50 hit rate on getting shots level and square in camera, so Upright is a valuable asset for me.

    I'm also loving the improved transition time from Library to Develop modules. Way to go on getting that rectified, Adobe!

  6. Thanks for info. I took it to heart and upgraded for the $79.00. Your post made it clear on my decision. Thanks


  7. fortunately or unfortunately, I use InDesign, LightRoom, Photoshop, Adobe Pro, and Dreamweaver on a daily basis. Because of our jump into the "video" world, I decided to take the plunge and join the Cloud. I am going to look at as an opportunity to expose myself to some other software that I have been curious about. If we could only purchase more TIME by subscription!!! Happy to have the 40% discount for the first year...however I did not see any option to pay the year in full, just the monthly. I called Adobe prior to subscribing and the support rep said that there was only a monthly option in the US at this time.

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