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A Wide-Angle Converter For The Canon G10

Published: 27/01/2009

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I'm in love with my Canon G9. In many ways the Canon G10 is even better but until today I've not been able to find any way to put a wide-angle converter on the G10. I just don't consider the 28mm lens on the G10 wide enough for real estate photography.

Since has add-on products for the G9 and G10 I posed the question to the sales folks at Here's what they say:

The only wide angle that works on the G10 is the Nikon WC75, we do not sell this lens, but we can make you a 58-52mm co-planer stepring to allow you to marry the Nikon to our Lensmate G10 Part A. " order the Co-planer, make a note in the message window "please add a custom co-planer 58-52mm step ring at $7.95".

So to recap, you need a Nikon WC75 (~$205USD), a lensmate G10 Part A ($24USD) and a lensmate, coplaner 58-52mm step ring ($7.95USD). All this will get the G10 to 21mm (35mm effective).

Update on 3/24/2009: A reader commenting below says you can also use the Raynox SRW-58 0.66x converter along with lensmate part A described above to get 18.5 mm effective.

Larry Lohrman

14 comments on “A Wide-Angle Converter For The Canon G10”

  1. On Ebay I've often seen the Canon G10 sold with lots of accessories (e.g., search for "Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Camera +2 Lens Loaded Kit!" These kits come with wide angle and telephoto lens. This looks like a great way to extend this camera.

  2. It has been my experience that lens converters (on the units I have used like Sony and Canon GL series Video rigs) tend to muddy the picture up and distortion on the edges has been unacceptable in most cases. I know PS can cure many of things but I would wonder if the extra effort would be worth it in any kind of high production situation. That said, I love the G9/10 and may pick one up at some point since it has the same functionality as my Canon DSLR.

  3. Drew- I agree. I'm not a big fan of wide-angle converters either. I never use one on my G9 because I never use it to shoot interiors. I brought this up because I know there are agents and people out there that don't want to spend the money for a DSLR and wide-angle lens but would spend around $600 for a camera that could shoot interiors. Or another use for the G10 is as a pole camera.

  4. Chris,
    I have not researched the G7 as extensively as I have the G9 and G10 but according to (the site I refer to) the answer is, no the G7 appears to be identical to the G9 which has different size threads than the G10... this is why almost nothing out there fits on the G10, Canon changed the thread size on the lens.

    If you are wanting to fit adapters to the G7 look over the stuff they have at They have a lot of things that work for the G7 and G9.

  5. Larry,
    I’ve finally read enough reviews to know the Canon G10 isn’t for me. Besides dropping many cool G9 features (large video, time-lapse, etc.) it also won’t take RAW images in aperture priority mode. That’s a deal breaker for a HDR fanatic like me. So now I’m contemplating finding a G9. However, I think it will be too heavy for my wind-sock pole for PAP, especially if I want to add a wide angle lens. The G9 still might be ideal for long international trips. Or maybe I should wait to see if Canon will get it right with the G11.

  6. Mike- Wow, I didn't know the G10 doesn't shoot RAW in AP mode. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Have you looked at the Panasonic LX3. Everyone I know that has one raves about it. Smaller, 24mm Leica lens f2.0, RAW if I didn't love my G9 so much I'd run out and get one.

  7. If there is a way to delay the shutter for up to 30 seconds and then take a burst (5 minimum), I'd be interested. However, I don't think the Panasonic LX3 will do this. A custom delay timer for up to 30 seconds seems to be a Canon only thing.
    My main camera is a Canon 40D. I'll continue to look for a smaller camera that will do almost a much. I want smaller because: (1) international travel and (2) use in atop my pole for PAP.

  8. Mike you are mistaken, the G10 CAN shoot RAW in Av or aperture priority mode.

    If you switch to the green 'I don't know how it works just take a pic for me' mode, or the scene modes, then the camera [rightly] disables RAW, but you can shoot RAW in 'P' auto mode as well as M, Tv and Av.

  9. Marcus,
    Thanks for reminding me not to believe everything I read on the internet My source was:
    I looked at your suggested KAPChris’s solution. I doubt most of us can make this happen without a lot more info and support. But I'm inspired. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, retired. My experience tells me a simpler solution would be a trip pseduo finger activated by pulling a string (thus eliminating servos, controllers, batteries, etc.). Maybe I should work on this.
    On the other hand, I wish someone could tell us how to adapt Canon's TC-80N3 for use on these cameras. I'm told it has a fantastic time lapse sequencing program built in-anything from 1 sec to 99 hrs between shots, also 4 other sequence types-(variable self timer, variable long exposure night shot facility etc,). If do-able, this looks like a great way to go.

    Back on subject, if the Canon G10 can take RAW in AV mode, if it can delay taking shots for up to 30 seconds, if it can take a burst of 5 shots after the delay in RAW, if its RAW format can be read by Adobe Elements + others programs, then I should buy one.

  10. I've had my G9 with the wide angle converter for about a year now, and I recently got a Panasonic LX3. I have to say... i love them both equally, for different reasons. The LX3's fast f2.0 and 24mm lens make it my indoor camera, and the G9 having a 6x zoom (and great controls) is my outdoor camera.
    The G9 even with the wide angle lens attached can't fit as much in the picture as the LX3 by itself - and the G9's wide angle lens weighs as much as the camera does!
    I'm keeping both cameras, but planning on selling that lens.

  11. I just got the Raynox SRW 6600 58mm and it works with lensmate Part A with not vignetting with the G10 at full wide angle. This gives around 18.5mm with minimal barrel distortion compared to other converters