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A Sequel To Neo Property's Over The Top Real Estate Marketing Video

Published: 05/03/2011
By: larry

Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins of Neo Property, agents on the Australian Gold Coast, the same guys that had the article on their risque listing video a couple of weeks ago have another listing and because the first version has already gotten 200,000 views they asked Brett Clements and his crew to do a sequel. This time they got coverage on a local Gold Coast TV station.

You can say whatever you want about their choice of how to market property. But, when is the last time you saw a property video get coverage on the nightly news? Every top listing agent I know would give their right arm for this kind of media coverage.

I found several things in the TV coverage of this video interesting:

  1. The comparison between this Neo property video and the property video of the last, unsuccessful listing agent.
  2. The endorsement by the home seller of using this kind of marketing approach saying that ".. it's worth every penny of it".
  3. I had to laugh that the home owner was complaining that her $4.3M home had been on the market for five months and hasn't sold yet. Lady, just be glad your home is in AU instead of the US. In the US we measure market time in years, not months!

For the complete version of this property video and a bunch of production notes see this version on the site. Brett Clements says that "real estate marketing is stuck in the Victorian age"! However, it's clear from the TV interview that this this marketing approach is commissioned by the Neo and enthusiastically supported by the home seller. So this is an opportunity for Brett and his crew to have fun shooting some outrageous video.

16 comments on “A Sequel To Neo Property's Over The Top Real Estate Marketing Video”

  1. Especially if it generates an offer. Have any of their other cinematic efforts sold any real estate?

  2. WOW 200,000 views from poeple who were only watching it because of the created by a chick stripping. Who cares who sees the video if all they care about is seeing the gimmick. I still have a very hard time seeing how tricks like these get people interested in a property. I am getting really annoyed at all the publicity this stupid video is getting. Sell the house with some tact. Don't result to beer commercial tactics from the late 80's and early 90's Think Old Milwaukee ( ) Once the initial shock wears off from this one tactic it is not a viable strategy for future videos. They will have to come up with some other gimmick.

  3. @Martina - Yes, this is an excellent point. I googled the address and the previous agent had it listed at for 5 months at $4.3M and the current listing is here: but I can't see what NEO has it listed at... perhaps because they are planning to have an auction.

    @Robert- There is no doubt, this is a risky marketing approach but the real test is if it sells in less than 5 months. I feel much the same but marketing is a strange business.

  4. I would say that these guys know EXACTLY who their target audience is, and Robert -- you and I ain't it.
    They're doing something different, "out-of-the-box", that will appeal to their buyers. Sure it's risky. So was the iPad. The houses that I've seen them advertising in this way do not look like houses that are made for an older couple looking to retire, or even a younger couple with children. They look like affluent "yuppie" bachelor pads to me. I applaud them for doing something different.

  5. I think you can market a sexy bachelor pad without stooping to such easy overused tricks. The knocking on heavens door is a much better example of that team doing something interesting with a similar style house that did not come off as tacky.

  6. :08 Help I'm trapped in another NEO video. That is hilarious, not to mention creative. Content aside, the technical quality is superb, and the creativity and humor is inspiring. By creativity and humor I mean the overall concept, trapped in a NEO video, the cliche, and the woman describing the house, not necessarily the wardrobe.

    Creating something that few if any real estate media producers are technically capable of, or willing to, produce is not a cheap trick. It is called being a pioneer. Not every video will suit every viewers personal taste. Personally, I am much more offended by boring virtual tours, and I should know because I have created plenty of them.
    Robert, I'll assume that you are a creator of real estate video so you know how hard it is to come up with truly original content, and this kind of technical quality. Have you actually seen their other work? If they are not using tact and creativity to market houses can you show me someone who is?
    What methods do you employ to bring extra attention to your work, and how effective has it been so far?

  7. @Heath. Other stuff platnumHD has done has been better. for example. Even though I dislike all the lens flares in that video the content is better. A narrative, or story would be better then the women. I just feel like the chick stripping thing in a bachelor pad is not creative. I am not against being creative... I just don't see how any of the videos involving woman's body could be considered creative.

    Tell a story using the house as a backdrop. Frame the action using the house. Make the house feel like it is an integral part of the story. That is much more powerful.

    I on the other hand feel like these "boring virtual tours" do their job. People want to see the house. I watch most "boring virtual tours" where I usual find myself turning off the gimmicky ones.

    I keep thinking about what the brain storm session was for the videos.

    Clients: We want a video that is unique and will grab peoples attention.
    Photographer: What do you like. What grabs your attention?
    Clients: We like boobs.
    Photographer: I can find a chick with boobs on the internet. If she sort of show her boobs in the house perhaps people will watch the video.
    Clients: Cool chick with boobs. What should the narration be though?
    Photographer: We will have to come up with some puns like "busting at the seams with wall to wall carpet."
    Clients: Cool shoot it.

    Brain storm session ends two minutes later.

    I am trying to find another video they did that had a women talking to her friends on the phone about her new house/apartment. How close it is to everything in the city she likes and stuff. That is a great example of a concept that took some effort.

  8. Thanks Daniel, Scott and Heath.
    Appreciate all your comments. We've done many different types of videos over the years. I think we're up to job 10,600 now in our system.
    In this discussion, and the same one is happening on numerous BLOGS here and overseas, another video is being raised:
    Our Johnny Depp-styled Knockin' on Heaven's Door 'Rock Star' piece - aimed smack bang at the '80%" of the perceived market.
    That being women - who influence the bulk (80%) of purchasing decisions.
    This is where it gets interesting:
    If you take out views from our peers (I think we charted about 500 on the SmugMug site - plotting the traffic via Google Analytics) - the public version of this video, as launched on YouTube by the Agent - has scored.....3 views.
    Other versions of Knockin' have probably scooped up 200 or 300 views - mostly on our stream, and largely as a result of Facebook referrals - driven by Platinum's marketing efforts.
    - 19 Binda Place has scored over 200,000 (plus millions more eyeballs on TV)
    - 15 Queen Anne Court is, on its current trajectory, doing 20 times better. There are multiple versions of it now but in the 4 days its been out, the views are racing past 10,000.
    This points to two things:
    - Video links not being used properly. Or not being used at all.
    - The video lacking a hot button issue to send it 'feral'. (Our term for viral)
    Of the thousands of videos we've made, none have ever gone ballistic like the NEO content.
    If the role of marketing is to put bums on seats and eyeballs on screens, these concepts deliver.
    That's where our job ends.
    Whether the homes sell or not is done to one thing and one thing only - the price the home-owners wants and the ability of the Agent to get them to meet the market.

  9. Well. I think we've hit the point in the discussion where it comes down to "I like it", or "I don't like it." Which frankly is utterly irrelevant.

    Art is not required to be popular (thank god). And whether or not something offends your sensibility has nothing to do with whether it's good, or effective. I also disagree with the notion that videos are only effective if they "show" the house. That's completely outdated thinking. Real estate marketing has been mired in the Nineteenth Century for so long that we forget how other products are sold these days. Witness the "Got Milk" ads --- which feature milk only in a very peripheral way. Or any of the fabulous VW Bug ads over the years, which again do very little to actually show you car or its features.

  10. It must be remembered, that this house has been marketed the "traditional" way since October last year and no sale. Simply changing agents and using the existing imagery that has already been around for six months isn't going to generate more interest. The new agents are almost obliged to do something different to shake the marketing up a bit, in this instance they have given it a great shake, now for the agent to find the right buyer to fit the price required by the vendor.

    "I liked it" better than the first one......

  11. Scott has a point. Here is where I worry though. With most of those campaigns they were an already established product. I wonder what happened when you do this in a non established venue with no previous users doing it. I guess personally I would be worried that I would be pinned to that style of add. I guess that is why I sound so resistant to the whole concept. I feel like you have a chance of becoming like Vern Fonk. On the other hand though campaigns like Wonderful Pistachios are doing rather well. I look forward to seeing what else the agents produce in the future and to study the direction it heads.

  12. anyone have any idea what the cost of this type of project was? I think it has a market but not at any cost....
    would be very interested in cost vs home price.

  13. Happened to be looking at some of our web items and came across your feedback, obviously it is a bit out of date, just fyi, House sold at auction 3.85m inc furniture, over 100 people attended on site, Brett and his team from Platinum did a fantastic job , bottom line is - it sold in a very tough market and other listings in the area are still for sale on dreary real estate websites getting a a few hits a week!

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