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A New Property Video From iCandy Multimedia of A Cove House in Kilmarnock, VA

Published: 14/03/2012
By: larry

James Schuler of iCandy Multimedia showed me his new  property video yesterday that he shot of a Hugh Jacobsen designed Cove House in Kilmarnock, VA. What a great property! This is an innovative way to combine stills and video into a property site for a awesome property.

James used to work in the TV business and got a tired of the travel so he has joined forces with his soon to be wife who is a photographer. His video, broadcasting and web background  combined with a still photographer seems to be a perfect match.

James wrote the script for the voice-over and had the current home owner record the script the day of the video and still shoot.

James says he used a Nikon D90 and a D3100 (and some After Effects).

James is optimistic about the future of real estate photography and video. He believes this business looks good for everyone.

Feel free to give James feedback


19 comments on “A New Property Video From iCandy Multimedia of A Cove House in Kilmarnock, VA”

  1. 7+ minutes can be an eternity for a property video. The script, videography - and most of all - the owner's narration make this piece very compelling. This property has a lot of depth, so this approach is ideal to tell the home's story. The relaxed pace is a great reflection of the home's relaxed setting. I really liked the shot of the dad/son/dog on the dock and the owners description of the bay. A couple close-ups of nature shots (crabs, ducks, etc) mixed in with the wide angles would have been nice. Still -- really, really nice work. Well done.

  2. In my opinion way too . You can make a 7 minute short film and send it to film festival. I understand you are trying to tell a story and your client wants it that long, but you can shorten some aspects of your video. With today's viewers attention span.... Not sure how it's gonna fly

  3. James, I couldn't see a video on any page of that site (up-to-date OS X Lion and Firefox versions) so I opened it in Safari and there it was on the home page.

  4. @Terry Yes I also do all of the website development, would be glad to help you me at

    Yes, the 7 minutes is long, but it was what the agent and property owner wanted. I think that the niche market for this property will probably be interested in it as it stands, but we have more coming that are a lot shorter. I know attention spans are short these days.

  5. I realize that everybody is so concerned about peoples short attention span, but that's coming from a stand point of wanting to "entertain" everybody quickly, as opposed to catering to an actual buyer of such a landmark property.

    I'm not concerned with the length of the piece. The type of client that would actually be interested in such a high-end property, will take the time, because they are in fact truly interested, not just surfing the web for entertainment.

    The buyer of these type of properties still have Architectural Digest and other significant print publication on their coffee tables and make what I would call very deliberate home purchases.

    The very fact that it progresses at a relaxed pace, makes it all the more significant to me.

    Everything in the world does not need to be completed in a minute and a half, you know 🙂

    Nice job James!!

    My 2 cents,


  6. Well said George, I like the cut of your jib. Marketing is knowing your target audience, and Sandra Hargett knows hers.
    She is THE agent in that neck of the woods, so when she said she wanted it all inclusive, that's what we delivered. I'm sure we all know by now the tiered marketplace that is real estate. There are audiences for all levels, all which have specific desires.
    I think keeping that in mind, will help us all be successful in the future.

    and thank you, George, for the kind words

  7. @Dave I will look into it. I use a professional adaptive bitrate streaming service that works well.
    You know what they say in the web world, test everywhere and often.


  8. Nice work James. I've been practicing video with my D90 and you have just motivated me to just 'do it'. How much of the video was shot with the D90? Did you have any problems with it overheating? It hasn't happened to me but I've read where it's a possibility. What lens on the D90? Thanks!

  9. wow what a production! I loved it...just so you know i did think it was longish but the pace and the market for that type property deserves that quality. I would like to know how much you charged for that effort, I am sure it was well worth the investment.

  10. James,

    Nobody I've found has a single property site that features video! If you could build that out for the masses that people can update without you they would pay you hansomely for it as a monthly subscription. I need something like this. I'll e-mail you.

  11. @Terry

    James got that "template" from, he didnt design it, just customized it. He also uses a premade template for his under construction page on his main site.

    They have a ton of themes that you can purchase for very little and customize very easily, and if you need help the original designers always provide support or even do custom work.

  12. While David is only partially correct, I do start some projects with a frame work (all good developers do) who would build things from scratch every time? Duh.... I am versed in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and and XML. The last time I checked we were here discussing video and photography.
    Did they come shoot and edit my video too? 🙂 of course not.
    Like I said I would be glad to help anyone out that needs help, because if it so easy, I suppose he would be doing it as well.
    But back to video discussion. The less talented always have an opinion to offer.

  13. There was a audio glitch at about 6 mintues. The last line when they say "we spend allot of time out at the pool" it cuts off the end. you hear "we spend allot of time out at th"

    I really like the video.

  14. @Robert Thanks, I didn't catch that, but I will fix it 🙂
    and thanks for the compliment

    @Peggy I use a Glidecam HD4000, and a custom pipe track system with Glidecam Dolly

  15. "I am versed in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and and XML." And you were able to meet a girl? 🙂 🙂

    Love your final product. The website is beautiful, especially with the on-page video.
    I completely agree that smaller homes should have videos that are in the 60-90 second range. But the 7 minute length of this was just right for the target market. People seeking homes of this value are not quickly browsing on their ipad during a lunch break.

    What I really thought worked well, specific to the video, was the full descriptive tour you gave of the home and the property. So many tours I've watched are nothing but glides back and forth and back and forth of interior rooms. I try and see myself as a potential buyer, trying to understand the home, property and context, and many video just come across as disassociated sliding cameras clips. On the other hand, you do want some visual candy to keep interest.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. @Geoff See now that was funny 🙂
    I guess I should qualify that she is equal in nerd caliber though...

    I looked at your site, beautiful stuff there...where are you located? Cali? guys are lucky to have such great subject matter on hand
    I appreciate the compliments on the video, I was trying to deliver the product they wanted for that particular market, which is specifically the second home, DC crowd.
    I am sure, as was the broker and homeowner, that the video will provide the "virtual tour" needed to attract them to make the trip to visit the location. Now....lets just hope it sells, cause after all, that's what we are trying to help do!! Beautiful work again..

    I also work in 3DS Max, Maya, and Cinema to trade some tips! I have not done that much volumetric light rendering would love to talk some more....drop me a line at , and thanks again

  17. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every
    day. It will always be helpful to read through content from other authors and use a little something from their sites.

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