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550 Acre Property Designed for Breeding Race Horses - in South East Queensland

Published: 15/03/2012
By: larry

Here's the first big Platinum production on the RED Epic; on Le Cheval (French for The Horse) - a 550 acre property designed for breeding race horses in South East Queensland, in a place called the Scenic Rim. Developed by Tony Halpin, who bears a striking resemblance to Australia's iconic Paul Hogan.

Great story, great production, great narration and an awesome character! Everything we've come to expect from Brett and the crew at PlatinumHD.

I only have one complaint: What I've always loved to do with PlatinumHD property videos is put them in full screen mode and sit back and watch the amazing quality on my 27" screen. Now when I do that I have to look at black bars at the top and bottom! I hate the black bars! Somebody help me out, no one is ever going to view online video in this aspect ratio are they? So why do we need the black bars? Can't this be shot in the aspect ratio that fits the screens it's going to be viewed on? Or even crop it in FCP X. To me any gain in resolution with the RED brings to the table is negated by these ugly black bars! Call me a winer or whatever but I want the 5d MKIIs back so I don't have to look at these black bars!

I feel much better now that I got that off my chest! Some times a good rant makes you feel better.

21 comments on “550 Acre Property Designed for Breeding Race Horses - in South East Queensland”

  1. Good point Larry. You're absolutely right.
    I didn't know it was upsetting you THAT much.
    From now on, I promise we will shoot RED in 5k full screen instead of the wide screen option.
    (I do love that cinematic aspect ratio though and a lot of our recent stuff is going straight to cinema as our Clients are finding its cheaper than old media)
    But point taken. And thanks for the post.
    I've read a lot of comments about our decision to go RED.
    On the quality issue, you can't judge RED v 5DMII on a web stream. Go see it on a big screen in an auction room or on a cinema screen - and the difference is obvious.
    But it is not entirely because of cinema. We also saw what Vimeo was doing with Apple TV. And when you watch 5DMII content streamed on a wide screen TV in the living room, it is a big wake-up call. The quality just isn't good enough. You see, we all cut a lot of corners making video for the web. I'm as guilty of it as the next guy.
    And while the Internet doesn't have a broadcast standard per-se, I believe when Smart TVs become the way we consume online video, the general public's knowledge of what is good and bad 'TV' will set the standards for what is acceptable and unacceptable real estate video.
    4k is coming. TVs are getting better.
    The public is consuming Blue Ray and 3D. And wielding iPhones that shoot 720 HD. They know the difference between a good and bad video.
    The line between Internet video and the box is blurring.
    Even YouTube is streaming 4k.
    From a content-maker's perspective, we all tend to play the great waiting game. Everybody wants the best camera for the best price.
    You do have to jump sooner or later.
    We went with the RED Epic as it has a policy of obsolete obsolescence. On the horizon, the 35mm Dragon sensor. A massive 29k.
    Just after we purchased, Canon came along with the 300. A blazingly good camera. For a quarter of the price.
    And the RED punched out the Scarlet; a little EPIC for $15k.
    Did I have any regrets? No.
    Did I have a few bloody, hesitating 'hindsight' moments. Absolutely Larry.
    But what seems 'wrong' today in our digital world is 'right' tomorrow.
    I just don't believe the grass is greener.

  2. Hopefully the properties that they are "future proofing" will sell before anyone can actually tell the difference. This IS real estate video, is it not? The purpose is to sell a property, not create videos or movies that will be viewed years later on equipment that has barely been announced, not to mention not available in 99+++% of homes TODAY. In real estate video, TODAY is what matters, not 5 years from now. Seems like overkill in a massive way for reasons which make no sense whatsoever. But if you have the money to spend, go for it!

    Sorry, still don't get it.

  3. Another fine example of the great products from Platinum. And what's so important and relayed so well are the details of why this is an exceptional horse property. Sure it's beautiful and all, but the buyer of this property will see the value in this land to produce prized thoroughbred race horses. It's big business and with the sellers description, a knowledgable potential buyer will see this and jump at the chance. Congrats Brett.

  4. What a spectacular piece of work. Notice how we only are given a glimpse of the home, and that everything is centered around a love of horses. These guys absolutely know their target market. Having worked with 'horse people', I can tell you that this property will enter many dreams.

    Black bars? Really? I'll take the black bars anytime if my tours had 1/10 of the quality of this piece.

  5. Brett, no apologies or explanations necessary, your work is fabulous. I think the basic fact that you go with the best tools you can buy, regardless of the purpose ("only real estate" as some critics have said), shows that you have a passion for your work, which undoubtedly always shines through in ways the viewer might have difficulty articulating.

    I can't wait to upgrade to the 36mp D800 for my architectural stills. Yes, 90% of these stills will be digitally crushed in online listings, but I still want to start with the utmost quality possible. I feel that extra drive for quality pushes my work to be remarkable in subtle ways to a client. I never hope to 'just get it done'.

    By the way, my cousin, an Aussie out of Coolangatta, was just filmed playing on the beach with her daughter by a videographer friend for fun, using a Red and primes. Simply stunning quality that I have not seen out of a DLSR. Even at 720p on vimeo.

  6. Sorry Brett I still don't buy it. Most TV's are 1080p meaning any of the extra pixels are lost. Same with most monitors. They are usually 1680x1050. The only place this video is useful is on a 4k projector. Until everyone has 4k resolution TVs and Computer Monitors you are just wasting the technology uploading it to the web. The nicest display that most users can afford buy now is the iPad 3. The pixie ratio of that is 2048-by-1536. Anything larger then that and it is like you are tying to fit 40 gallons of water in to a 20 gallon bucket. 4k digital projectors costs tens of thousands of dollars. You are just too far ahead of the technology curve IMO. The only purpose it serves is so you can say "Hey look at us we are on the bleeding edge of tech. /mussel flex"

    Once the Ultra HD is the norm then it will make since to use the epic Red. Unfortunately the first Ultra HD TV is not scheduled to come out till between 2016 to 2020 (mainly based on technical reasons concerning storage and broadcast distribution of content) By the time Ultra HD becomes the norm you Epic red will be outdated and in need of replacement.

    I know I sound negative but I really don't see any reason this should have been bought. I think you are actually doing a disservice to your clients. Telling them this is the way to go when it is clearly overkill. Maybe in the future when the world has caught up it will be appropriate. Right now though it reminds me more of the Micheal Bay approach to making movies.

    You mention the thing about Vemo as well. I have streamed several of your videos and you can't tell the difference between the 5DMII ones and these in terms of quality. Your Epic red ones are still choppy like the 5DMII and they still have some streaming artifacts like the 5DMII Sorry 🙁

  7. Also in the video it takes about 3 minutes for the word sale to come up. Until then you would think you are watching a documentary about the ranch not a for sale video.

    One of the first lines should have been. "I don't want to sale this place but I am 62 years old and I blah blah blah."

  8. By the way Larry, you're wrong! 🙂
    I actually enjoy the black bars. The long narrow crop is 'remarkable' in video and stills, and sets the product out from the rest.
    Also, as a technical note, monitors are many different aspect ratios now, although I do realize they are slowly settling on 16:9. It would be difficult to have content to match everyone's aspect ratio, and work in other venues. Especially when many/most will not go full screen with the content anyway. We do, because we're visual geeks.

  9. Geoff is right about making it hard to match all the aspect ratios. I go with the new iPad3 resolution ow for my stills. Figured that was a good place to set it. I figured most poeple would have that resolution or lower.

  10. I think you guys are kind of missing the point. Brett's playing in a completely different ballpark than most of us. Sure the Red is probably overkill for the work that most of us are doing but can any of say that any of our little Property Videos are being played at auctions and other large screens? Trying to tell another photographer/videographer what gear they need to be shooting on is as pointless as trying to tell another photographer/videographer what their rates should be. Different markets, different ballgames, different careers.

    And you know if I could afford the Red Epic you're sure as sh*t gonna see me shooting with it! And there's no way in hell I'm going to care what you think about it either. 🙂

  11. I think his market is in a bubble. What is going to happen when that market adjusts? I think he is taking a big risk by investing so much in this technology. He is trying to create demand for a technology that is so new. You have to have a very expensive 4k projector to make any proper use of the footage. If the market drops I would imagine they would have a hard time to continue what they are doing. Sometimes you can push the envelope to quickly to soon.

    In terms of the Auctions. I don't have any idea what kind of projector is being used. If it is a 4k projector then it makes some since. If it is a 1080p HD projector then it still overkill IMO. Either way i would have a hard time justifying the expense for the step up in quality.

    I have had a bias against the Red camera since I heard about it back in 2006. It is cool in concept. I feel like it is similar to trying to play classical music through iPod headphones. There is no good way for the masses to view the footage the way it is meant to be viewed yet. The only way it can be viewed is through a cinema style projector. I feel like by the time everyone is ready to view 4k resolution in the mainstream then the camera will be outdated and need to be replaced.

    Even before Brett said he was doing this I already had formed an opinion on the Red. So for me I will admit a complete bias.

  12. Malia is spot on with all accounts. The black bars are great for this style of work. It makes it so much more than just a "real estate video."

    The places that Brett shoots are also completely different than what most of us shoot. He might be in a bubble and if that bubble allows him to own and operate a Red camera then so be it. Who cares what camera he shoots it with. Do I need a BMW to get me from point a to point be? No. But I like having it. If nothing else it is a cool toy that he can write off and he can probably rent it out on days he doesn't use it. I am sure if most people could easily afford the new Nikon D4 or Canon 1DX you would even though it is overkill for real estate photography. If I could afford medium format, I would be shooting that. All that matters is that Brett produces some of the best work you can imagine and his clients love it.

  13. What an amazing real estate video. Thanks for leading the way so hopefully students of this craft, like me, can study and learn from the best.

  14. Thank you guys. Shoot for the stars. End up on the moon. I shot my first Propvid on a Sony PDX10 about 8 years ago. I was so broke, I used a shopping trolley as my Crew car. My personal aim is to shoot the penthouse of the tallest building in the world. And nothing less than the best is god enough for the Clients who have believed in us over the last 8 years we have been shooting 'real estate' video. We also work for Aston Martin, and Jaguar, and The Sheraton. Our business model is prestige property and lifestyle. Thanks Heath. Thanks Drew. Thanks Malia. Thanks Geoff. Thanks Bruce. Thanks Charlie.

  15. Top notch work, as a Brissy real estate photographer its great to see such world class work in my own backyard. From what I hear the agents that are using you love your work too.

  16. Hey guys,

    Christian here from PlatinumHD on the Sunshine Coast.

    I don't normally weigh in on this kind of stuff, but I felt I should just address one thing that I thought missed the mark a little.

    @ Robert - "Most TV’s are 1080p meaning any of the extra pixels are lost. Same with most monitors. They are usually 1680×1050. The only place this video is useful is on a 4k projector." This is kind not really true. A Canon 5DMKII does not resolve 1080 lines of resolution. It may write a file with 1080 lines of information, but in no way is that picture anywhere near the quality of your standard Blu-Ray, or even remotely in the same ballpark as downscaled 5K footage from the RED. The 5DMKII flavour of 1080p is actually closer to 720P than anything else. In fact I'd bet the ranch that if you down-rezzed 5K RED to 720P and then scaled it back up digitally to 1080P, it would still look sharper and more pleasing to the eye than the 5DMKII footage. That's before you even throw a full RAW Codec into the mix and the extra latitude that gives you.

    So when you're watching 5DMKII footage on a 1080P monitor, you're actually only utilising around 70% of the total quality you could be using. . .with RED downscaled from 5K. . .it's 100%. It's called maximising the medium.

    How many photographers shoot RAW? How many would like to go back to JPEG and shooting the maximum resolution they are going to supply? How many photographers shoot with a 5DMKII and actually utilise every single megapixel? If you're to supply a maximum res of 2048x1536 why not shoot with a 300D? It will do the job, chances are your clients won't tell the difference.

    We project the RED footage in a clients auction room at full 2K, on a brand new Barco Projector (est. cost $500K) - using Apple ProRes 422 - over HDMI. The results are stunning. The difference between the 5DMKII and the RED side by side, at the same resolution, is night and day (We don't scale the 5DMKII up to 2K, leaving it pillarboxed). When we launched the RED clip at the Auction there were audible gasps in the audience. People could be heard discussing the clarity of the picture. It looked sharper than the theatrical releases you see in there at any other time.

    I think you aren't giving Joe Punter and your audience the respect they deserve. They know, and see, more than you think.

    If you haven't seen it, you wouldn't understand. . .so I'm sorry, if this comes across as rude, but I think your message highlights a lack of understanding on your part. There are very good reasons to be shooting RED, if you can't see the difference, perhaps you don't know what to look for.

    I don't wish to get in an argument - and don't want to get involved in any kind of "point by point forum rebuttal" 🙂 but just had to clarify this for the benefit of all.

    Thanks for your kind words guys. . .it's nice to know that the hard work is appreciated by some.


  17. Outstanding work. It's great to see such high-quality real estate videos on the web. As for the black lines, I don't mind at all. I think it adds cinematic character...

  18. Beautiful! Wow.... Horse people (although many could probably never afford that place) will go nuts over this! Really nice job!

    Hey, if you've got the money to buy the best and your clients are willing to spend the money for the best, and they're thrilled with the results, who's to criticize?

    Every market and every customer is different - and everyone will find different kinds of successes than others will. Kudos to those who find their niche! Brett is continuously showing that he is the best at what he does, and clients who want, appreciate and will pay for that quality will flock to him - no question about that!

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