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March 1st, 2019

This week’s featured video is by Travis Rowan Living Maui Media.

Travis says:

I worked directly with the owner of this one-of-a-kind estate to produce both stills and a video that he would then provide to the broker of his choice. Actually, I had a four-minute phone call with him and a few very short emails. The brief:

The house itself is pretty incredible but the location and acreage were really to be the main focus. In addition to the obvious property stuff, he wanted time lapses and some simple ways to illustrate a bit of the lifestyle possibilities. I chose the music and pace of the edit based on another video that the owner had shared with me from another property elsewhere in the world. The weather and shooting conditions vary wildly throughout the day on this exposed point so I factored that into my quote and scheduling of the shoot. I estimated 4 days shooting (2 for stills, 2 for video) and blocked off a full week to dance with the weather and make it happen. I was able to get it shot as scheduled with a few breaks for bad weather days. I did stay on property for two nights which made it possible to shoot the star lapses late into the night and catch the dolphins cruising by at 7am. When I sent the first cut for review and feedback, he came back with: “ Great job, it could not be better. Makes me wonder why I’m selling it.” Few words, but I’ll take em. The listing was launched in the Wall Street Journal late last year at $49m.

Travis used the following gear:

  • GH5 and GH5s Lumix lenses
  • Cinevate Duzi Slider
  • Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • GoPro Hero 5 for Underwater
  • Edited in FCPx
  • Nikon D810 and D750 for the stills and star lapses.

As I told Travis, his work always reminds me why I love Maui so much!

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12 Responses to “Featured Real Estate Video by Travis Rowan – Living Maui Media”

  • And the Academy Award for Best Cinematography goes to Travis – What a nice treat to view this video when I needed a break from edited basic colonial estate on the battlefield in Northern Virginia. Lovely video, quite music choice, all the times of day to night and just wonderfully edited for a perfect length to watch and wanting to see more! Well Done Travis!

  • Whoa. Stunning!

  • Super nice video. I see you got to stay there too. Except, I would have needed to stay there a full week to get the perfect shots. Yep.

  • Love it!

  • Absolutely stunning! Wow!!!!!

  • Seeing that balanced daylight exterior vanish from one of the shots, I’m guessing compositing had to be used? Pretty clever, albeit tricky and time consuming

  • Pure insanity! This video is a masterpiece. Brilliant work, Travis.

  • Stunning cinematography inspiring work, loved the time lapse sequences especially the split screen with boat at normal speed and clouds rolling in timelapse.

  • Thanks so much everybody for the kinds words. It’s always good to hear from my talented colleagues. Much appreciated.

    @Kelvin Hammond: I’m guessing you’re referring to the privacy window sequence at 1:55? No real complex tricks there. It was a good exposure at that time of day. Shot the first part of the clip views visible, tripped the privacy switch and continued the shot. Cut the clip in post and added a simple cross-dissolve to transition the before and after. Done. On a tripod based slider of course. Hope that makes sense. I use the same procedure to make pocket doors disappear or any other type of functionality that I want to showcase.

    @Allan Thanks for noticing the time lapses. Carefully composed to allow easy masking in post. I hate when the trees and waves are vibrating in a frenzy. The opposite of soothing. I learned it by watching you.


  • Lovely film – great imagery, great music, perfect pacing!

  • Well done Travis. Like Hamish said, the pace is fantastic. It’s a visual masterpiece and less is more with this one. Slower pans, slower drone movements, you just need more time to take it all in. One shot I didn’t like is the pool table ball / crack. Just a bit too jarring for the video. ; ) But it doesn’t take away from the masterpiece it is.

  • What an absolutely stunning video! Masterful work!

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