Official Release: Mastering Real Estate Photography with Garey Gomez

February 18th, 2019

Last month, we announced a brand new tutorial series, Mastering Real Estate Photography with Garey Gomez. In collaboration with PFRE, Garey Gomez developed this comprehensive tutorial for real estate photographers of all levels, teaching the art and business of real estate photography.

The tutorial is now officially available for download. Garey released the tutorial on Friday to those who took advantage of the pre-order, and already there is plenty of engagement in the private Facebook group.

For the price of one photoshoot, the tutorial includes 35 videos for nearly 5 hours of lessons, covering:

  • Composition- How to create thoughtful compositions following a few basic rules.
  • Lighting theory- How to create great light.
  • Gear- Garey’s real estate photography kit, and why less is more.
  • Intro to shooting with flash- Learn the ropes if you’re new to shooting with flash.
  • How to light every room in two steps- and edit quickly.
  • Interviews with real estate agents- Learn what they are looking for in a great photographer.
  • Business topics- contracts, pricing, cost of doing business.
  • Budgeting worksheet- Garey’s custom spreadsheet to help you understand your costs and hit your income goals.
  • Bonus material- Advanced Photoshop editing techniques for your portfolio.
  • Private Facebook group- Get tips, support, and feedback from Garey and the community.

View the website for more information here.

Here’s what people are saying about Garey’s tutorial so far:

I purchased Garey’s video course when it first was mentioned, then last week received the email that the video series was ready early! After watching all the videos everything became clear. Garey presented an efficient and most important repeatable work flow that adds money back to my bottom line while not sacrificing my precious time! One of biggest things is that Garey isn’t recommending you to go out and spend a large amount of capital to make this work. If you have a tripod, camera, flash and remote you can do this and get the same great images! I recommend this video series to anyone who wants to make a change to their workflow! 

Phil Andrews, Richmond, VA

Garey’s tutorial was a godsend! I’ve watched it twice, taken notes on his composition, shooting, lighting and editing workflow, and practiced on my own home. It cut my time in half for both shooting and editing, and gave me the light and natural look my clients expect from me. I usually bring 6 lights and two stands to a shoot, and he showed me how I can get it all done with just one and sometimes two lights. Amazing. I can’t wait to use it on a real shoot in a day or so. Thank you so much Garey!

Jack Zigon, Philadelphia, PA



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10 Responses to “Official Release: Mastering Real Estate Photography with Garey Gomez”

  • …. and if you order by… hmmmmm, today!, you can get $30 off. 🙂

  • Garey has put together a very thorough, comprehensive video course that, when properly applied, will almost immediately elevate the level of your craft. My only wish is that he would have done this 4 years ago when I had sort of plateaued and was stuck in a rut! I like that he not only gets into the “how” of the techniques, but also the “why”. Studying the lessons he lays out will give you a deeper understanding of what truly constitutes a great image. Additionally, the private Facebook group associated with this course is already showing signs of being a targeted, vibrant learning environment where members can trade insight and knowledge long after you’ve watched the videos (most likely multiple times!). Some of the side-by-side A/B comparison posts of “My Old Method” vs “The New Garey Method” over in the FB group are just stunning! For me, there came a point in my development where investing in shiny, new, fancy gear wasn’t what I needed to advance my work. I needed lessons. This is exactly the kind of course I would have dove into headfirst and devoured! It seems like most of the early feedback from the people who pre-ordered the course is that they are cutting their shoot/edit time and making better images. That makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to get better at what we do. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Congrats, Garey, on putting together such a well done series. You’re going to help a lot of people with this!

  • Any chance the discount code can be extended a few days for us procrastinators. ????

  • What Tod said!

  • Thanks, Mike, for the wonderful testimonial! I really appreciate it!

    @Tod and @ Noel, I have re-opened the discount code through Friday. Thank you so much for you interest. At checkout, use the code “PFRE”.

    And don’t forget to join the Facebook group after you complete your purchase!

  • Thanks Gary!

  • Wondering if anyone can comment regarding how this new instructional “Mastering Real Estate Photography” differs from methods Nathan Cool employs in many of his You Tube tutorials?

    Thank you.

  • Hey Garey, I’m so pleased and proud that you’re delivering this wonderful tutorial to our community…I know a lot of people are going to be better shooters because of it! Congrats bud!

  • I bough it. I am not affiliated in any way with Garey. Let me tell you that it is a great course. He has put a lot of work into it. All videos are concise and straight to the point. Audio and video quality are superb. Regarding the difference between him and other methods ( Nathan Cool and Rich Baum), Garey uses the flambient technique but in a slightly different way. He also dedicates time to composition, appropriate lightning, and the business. Another good point is that he assumes that you have and you use an affordable gear which is very important for starting photographers. Thank you Garey, for putting together this comprehensive class.

  • Thank you, Tony!

    Luis, thank you for the feedback and for answering the question!

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