Flickr May Delete Some of Your Photos on March 12, 2019

February 12th, 2019

If you are a long time Flickr user as I know some PFRE readers are, you should know what’s going to happen next month.

Last year, SmugMug bought Flickr to save it from Verizon. To make Flickr sustainable, SmugMug is limiting free accounts to 1000 photos. They originally planned to delete photos over the 1000 limit on February 5, 2019, but they extended the deadline to March 12, 2019 because they had some troubles with the photo downloader.

So if you are a free Flickr user with more than 1000 photos in your account and want to keep the photos, you’d better check out these instructions for downloading. Pro Flickr users are not affected.

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4 Responses to “Flickr May Delete Some of Your Photos on March 12, 2019”

  • Any professional who is counting on “Flicker” to preserve their photos is a fool

    Seriously? Who would count on a “Flicker” account to preserve their photos?

  • Why would anybody trust a third party – Flickr, Apple, Amazon Prime, Dropbox, Smugmug, Zenfolio and a whole list cloud storage enterprises – to archive their photos? Primary archive should be do it yourself on multiple hard drives that you control and at least on stored in a separate location. All of the third parties – convenience and quick access. Remember lifetime guarantee is for the life of the company…not your lifetime. Companies change, if not bankrupt and totally out of business, reorganize for a different focus or sold off. Classic example Craftsman hand tools lifetime free replacement (and yes I replaced a 20 y/o rake) just walk into Sears, but now they have sold off the brand no longer offering the lifetime warrenty. With your personal photos…only trust yourself to preserve them. Besides, who needs over 1000 photos for quick access and convenience? Is that the modern day version of the most boring slideshow ever?

  • Huh, guess I’m a fool then. In addition to hard drive backups I use flickr as my online backup. Fifty bucks per year for unlimited storage and an uploader that saves all my new images without me ever having to mess with it. No brainer, even for a fool like me.

  • I’ll be leaving Flickr personally, we tried posting images of Calgary Real Estate Listings on there, which I think is fair and they flagged as spam, didn’t make any sense.

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