White Balance for Shooting Video – by Grant Johnston

February 8th, 2019

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One Response to “White Balance for Shooting Video – by Grant Johnston”

  • As an experienced still photographer but still on the learning curve for video, I keep coming back to Grant’s tutorials to catch back up on all those things I went through the first time around, but have tended to forget over time. But white balance is not one of them probably since I follow the same approach with stills except when I am using my color meter.

    But I can heartily recommend Grant’s courses for anyone wanting to add video skills whether ground level or drone to their offerings. He stays on point throughout and clearly and succinctly lays out the approach keeping it simple. He recommends equipment, especially useful for those starting in the field, how to use it with settings and approach to shooting with plenty of examples from his own work and ends up with how to edit the raw clips and then output it so it will stream well on line.

    Sure there are many others offering their tips on how to shoot. And many with very differing styles themselves. But personally I like to start with the basics. Once I have become proficient in those, then I can add other things from gimbal shooting to various transitions and speed ramps. But I feel you need to build on a solid foundation and Grant’s tutorials provide that in spades. My old dad used to say about his fire extinguisher business “keep it simple, keep it safe!” and I think the same goes for effective video, at least to start with.

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