What Options Are Available to Real Estate Photographers for Insurance?

February 5th, 2019

Jack in the Gainesville, Florida recently asked:

What type and amount of insurance is recommended for a real estate photographer? Also, is there a company that most use for this insurance?

Here are some companies that were recommended by PFRE readers in the past:

The company listed on the top of the list is the most popular. Check out what works best for you and understand exclusions up front. Based on readers’ input, you’ll need to spend between $300 and $1000 a year on insurance which gets you gear and liability coverage. If you fly a drone, don’t forget to include coverage for that as well.

Any other suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What Options Are Available to Real Estate Photographers for Insurance?”

  • I use Lockton Affinity through the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). My policy is not for drones and runs in the neighborhood of $500 per year. PPA membership is is $258 which gives me membership and equipment loss. Then $242 to Lockton Affinity goes to onsite liability insurance.

  • I’ll start of with the disclaimer: Your mileage my vary, past performance does’t guarantee future returns, result may vary…..

    We went with a local insurance broker and general business umbrella policy. For us, it made more sense to self insure out camera equipment. We do have a rider to cover our computer equipment on the home policy.

    It appears that very few business policies will cover drone use. Something that many agent are not currently aware of. So we have a separate insurance for the drone. Given that our drone weights less than a pound, the insurance is surprisingly expensive.

  • Another vote for PPA here. I ignore all the promos and sales pitches. The insurance and customer service is good.

  • I’ve been with Hill & Usher for years, but am starting to question this relationship.

    Years ago my H&U policy got transferred over to Travelers. It made paying online easier and H&U still shows up on the policy as the “Agent Name”. But other than that, Hill & Usher for all intents and purposes appears to be non-existent. Everything goes through Traveler’s generic customer support pool, which in my experience do not have any direct photography (let alone real estate photography) expertise.

    Recently I started the process of adding a drone to my business and the response from Travelers has been very very disappointing. Will definitely be hanging on to the list in this post if things continue they way they are heading.

  • PPA for equipment. State Farm $1 mil general liability policy for the business.

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