How Does the PFRE Coaching Program Work?

January 17th, 2019

Ray in North Carolina asks:

I am 5 years into the business but need coaching to help me get to the next level. I know there are lots of great coaches listed on the PFRE site and going thru the process of selecting one is a bit daunting. Has there been an article on PFRE outlining how a coaching program works? The concepts I’m interested in are: 1) How does the basic relationship work? 2) Are contracts usually signed? 3) What criteria should a prospective student consider when interviewing potential Coaches? 4) How are fees charged?

Here’s how PFRE Coaching works:

Over the years, I’ve assembled a list of PFRE readers, contributors, and participants who I know are some of the best in the business and provide coaching in some form.

Everything to do with the coaching is totally up to each individual coach. Brandon and I are not involved in their coaching process except deciding who is listed on the coaching page. We ask that each coach have a link to a page on their website that has a description of their coaching. People who have used the various coaches can comment on their coaching experience at the bottom of the coaching page.

The way to choose a coach is to go through the coaches’ websites and portfolios to see their work and how they generally describe their coaching process. Then contact the ones that you like directly and get more detailed info directly from them.

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