What Business Accounting Software Do Real Estate Photographers Use?

December 20th, 2018

QuickBooksGerald in South Carolina asks:

What type of accounting software do most real estate photographers use?
I have been using QuickBooks, but now I can’t email my invoices due to some problem QuickBooks has with Gmail accounts. Help!

The comments on previous discussions of this subject indicate that PFRE readers use a wide variety of the most popular small business software. Here are the results of a study of the most popular small business accounting software done by

  1. Best for Small Business Overall: QuickBooks Online
  2. Best for Mobile Devices: FreshBooks
  3. Best Free Accounting Software: Wave Accounting
  4. Best for Really Small Businesses: Zoho Books

The other category of accounting software that many real estate photographers use is software that does everything for your real estate photography business–order processing, invoicing, and client management. GoFullFrame is a good example of one of these.

What accounting software are you using these days and why?

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7 Responses to “What Business Accounting Software Do Real Estate Photographers Use?”

  • Can’t email your QuickBooks invoice?

    Just save your invoice as a PDF file. Then attach to your regular email software. If you email with Gmail, just attach PDF to that.

  • I use Creative Biz X from Cradock software. The only problem I have it isn’t in a foreign language, German. So I have to translate the documents. Then again, that is a problem with any American software.
    These software companies are really short sighted by not offering their software in the major European languages.
    My main language is of course German, a must for Germany, where I live as well as Austria and parts of Switzerland.
    In addition, French for France and parts of Switzerland, not forgetting Italien for Italy and parts of Switzerland. And of course Spanish for Spain.

    When will SW houses wake up? English is not the only language in the world of business. The French are particularly pedantic when it comes to their language.
    Bye from Munich, DAS

  • Quickbooks and PayPal for invoicing.

  • I use, and love, Freshbooks!

    In summary:
    Client management (AND the ability to send a contract where they are required to sign it electronically)
    Scheduling with a credit card confirmation.
    Professional branded invoicing and receipts. (Lee you don’t need to create the request for payment emails: they system does it for you!)
    Auto reminder for unpaid invoices.
    Direct deposit in about 24 hours.
    Click to pay online or via mobile app also point-of-sale.
    Total mobile (Apple and Andriod) interface so I am never away from my books.
    Robust reporting! My CPA loves them.
    Flat 2.7%, Pro account is ZERO per month. They have a photographer business template.

    What’s really important to me?
    1. Scheduling with a credit card confirmation. My accounts receivable could reach as high as 5k using Intuit/QuickBooks (which was a major pain). Clients confirm the appointment with a credit card. We shoot, process, charge and deliver; the next day the money is in my bank.
    2. Reporting. At the end of the year, I run a report for sales by the client and send it to them. They love it. They just pass it on to there accountant, making it effortless from them to account for Photography.
    3. ZERO CHARGEBACKS since 2015. It’s branded so they can immediately know who sent the invoice. With Intuit Payments systems I would get a chargeback once or twice a year.

    It will cost you nothing to give them a try.

  • I’ve used Accountedge for years. It’s similar to QuickBooks, but I prefer the UI. I also own a license outright that runs everything on my own computer. I’ve never had a situation where I needed remote access to my accounting and strongly prefer to not have my financial information available online. All of my clients can wait a few hours for an invoice or statement. Accountedge has a nice suite of pre-formatted reports that are customizable and if you want to spend the time, it’s possible to pull data to a spreadsheet for analysis. The set up is pretty easy with lots of sample Charts of Accounts for many types of business which can also be customized to reflect what your accountant may want. Orders, estimates, invoices and statements can all be customized with your own branding. Invoices can be set up to be mailed or emailed or both. Customer entries have lots of definable fields to keep track of all sorts of details. Their are options to merge customer details with an external CRM if you like. There is also a budgeting workflow so you can anticipate expenses, especially things like rents, fees and insurance and print out reports to keep track of how well you are staying on budget.

    I know lots of people are enamored with “the cloud”, but you have to be very careful about surrendering control of critical business infrastructure. You do not want to be in a position where you can’t even throw money at something to get back up and running.

  • Godaddy Bookkeeping… $10/month, pretty basic and helps with figuring out taxes. Also has a spot for tracking miles and automatically deducts it. Used to use wave but I couldn’t use it anymore due to their accounting method. I use a cash based system.

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