PFRE Conference 2019

December 18th, 2018

An idea that has been floating around this community for years is the possibility of holding an annual PFRE conference where community members from around the world can come together to:

  • Network
  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Share best practices
  • Interact with vendors
  • Have fun!
  • And more

We are excited about making this idea a reality and would once again like to get your input. The program plan has not been finalized as we are still in the research and pre-planning stage but we are anticipating a two day event with a great line up of speakers, vendors, and networking opportunities at a cost of under $800.  So based on this preliminary concept, we have two questions for you:






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15 Responses to “PFRE Conference 2019”

  • Would love for it to be in the midwest somewhere. I am partial to Minneapolis/St. Paul, but a central location in the country would be terrific!

  • Hawaii – some of us would have to travel mate….

  • Funnily enough, I was just talking with Amir Neshati about doing a no-host workshop in Southern California to get a few RE photographers together to swap techniques, tips and stories. Rather than being a formal workshop where there is an instructor and the group photographs a home and processes the image, it would be a more advanced course where we agree on a list of topics and everybody brings images and materials to use for discussions on how best to approach certain challenges. As an example, Amir was shooting a cabin today where 90% of the rooms were wood from top to bottom. I almost never see that in my service area, but it’s something that I might be asked to photograph and it would be good to have a proven approach to start from so I can deliver the best images I can to the client without stressing out. Skill level will be a good question to ask so the program can be tailored to the largest number of people. I wouldn’t be interested in something too basic.

    The US is pretty big so holding just one convention might make it tough to be able to include everyone that wants to attend. Las Vegas is a good choice. It’s a doable drive from SoCal and airfares are often pretty cheap from most other places. There are also a lot of options on meeting spaces, places to stay and cuisine. There are other distractions too which works for those with significant others that would be bored to tears listening to photography nuts all day. NY can be very expensive. Seattle is way up in the corner making it great for Julie Mannell and Larry, but not so good for many others. The biggest major cities are easy to think of but a less traveled destination might be $100 more in airfare yet $300 less in hotel. It could also be easier to find cheap meeting space outside of the biggest cities. Banquet halls that cater to weddings can be very cheap during the week. Something else to consider. The other option is to do what some organizations do and alternate eastern and western venues every other year.

  • Orlando is a great place for a conference
    And a wonderful place to vacation and visit

  • @David, you’re dreamin’, mate. Are you trying to find a location that equidistant from everybody? I’m done with HI and the train doesn’t go there.

  • And afterwards…. some workshops on Hawaiian homes would present the “best of” or worded otherwise “how to tackle some of the more challenging lighting situations possible.”
    I’m guessing the time of year would matter here regarding that….but am coming from the “if it works there – it can work anywhere scenario…type of situation….” there could be worse places to hold it.

  • I’d be in during a slower season. Busier times like Spring would be more difficult.

  • 1st, this is a huge undertaking and fraught with obstacles every step of the way….Good Luck! That said, would like to see you succeed.

    As Joshua pointed out, timing is important, hold it in mid season and I would lose a few thousand on top of the fee…not going to happen. Hold it when everyone/most are in their slow season and you will get more attendees.

    Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world…set up for any size function and has the great air fares from anywhere in the US and abroad. Hotel’s that cater to the $ thru $$$$ Just saying

    Personally, I do not go to any convention that does not offer after hours fun and things to do

  • Love it! Great idea. Let’s make it happen. The value of putting a face to the name of so many people that I feel I’ve come to “know” over the years through this community would be worth the price of admission alone! I do agree that timing is key. Maybe another survey question like “Which month would be the easiest for you to attend”? November? January? I don’t know. I can’t wait for the inaugural PFRE Conference (wherever and whenever it is). Let me know how I can help.

  • Brandon just what our community needs! Would love to help! I would suggest the slower time of year so more folks can attend, and would suggest DC and here’s why. Since this is for Real Estate Photographers all the major organizations in the US are in DC. The REALTORS National Association is here, AIA for the Architects is here, DOT for your FAA and Drone folks are here. AIA has a beautiful building in DC that has a conference space and reception area – so much of the expense of getting speakers that are non photographers but our industry folks are here and would not cost travel expenses. Also DC has three major airports with more non stops to get folks in and less hassle for travel. Plus the backdrop of DC if folks have never been they can have a photo shoot walking tours of the sights on day or night. Just my two cents since I have been wanting to put something like this together for a while and have been to busy to get it off the ground. Love to help!

  • US is a bit far for me, but I’d be interested in meeting up with any UK PFRE regulars… Anyone? I’m in Bristol. Where are the rest of you? Hamish

  • $800.00 is too much to pay . The proper way to do it would be to have vendors come in and Have them pay for the Room. Remember that where ever you hold the event we have to pay for airfare and a place to stay. Lower the price to $200 And you’ll get more people.

  • Hamish, I’d be up for it. I’m in London.

  • It sounds like a great idea and I’d love to go but a lot of factors would probably make it difficult for me–the obvious two biggies, location and price. If it’s in Chicago and under $500 I would seriously consider it. Good luck with it Brandon!

  • Breckenridge, Colorado.

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