Announcing the New Brand Identity for PFRE

December 14th, 2018

After much deliberation on the great feedback from our community, I’m pleased and excited to introduce the new PFRE logo!

This logo is going to be the foundation of PFRE’s brand update, which will include a complete re-design of our website, to make it more reader-friendly and easy to navigate. If all goes as planned, the new website will launch in late 2019. We are excited to build on PFRE’s great foundation, so rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to provide input and feedback throughout the design process.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who emailed, called and commented during the logo design process – it was immensely helpful!

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15 Responses to “Announcing the New Brand Identity for PFRE”

  • New logo looks great. Clean and modern. Excellent change.

  • Congrats! Now you move forward and not offend anymore graphic artists with your project

  • Just to be clear….that is tongue in cheek above

  • Nice choice Brandon! I’m sure Tony had a hand in this, no? Anyway, looking forward to the new website rework and the new year. Merry Christmas!!

  • This looks very nice, clean and clear. Kudos!

  • Love it!

  • A good logo that anyone can read and interpret. But quite frankly, I am more than happy with the blog as it is right now. I do consider any changes to be superficial to the function of the blog. This is a professional discussion forum not a consumer product, so the way it looks means less to me than the content it delivers.

  • Please tell me the site redesign will include a persistent login for users so I don’t have to type in my name, email, and website every time I want to leave a comment…

  • @ColinRobertson

    Oh pleaaaaaase let this be the case!

    And the logo looks great! Nice work. Looking forward to a relaunch of the site in the year to come.

  • Can’t wait for the t-shirts and coffee cups…

  • Looks good! Just remember that the reason we visit and comment so much (even if we have to type in our names) is because of the content. Even after 7 years in this crazy business, your emails are still one of the first things that I click in the morning. That’s because you continue to give me great information to keep me and my little business productive and profitable. Looking forward to it and Thank you, Larry, for all your effort in making it happen!

  • A terrific logo — well done, Brandon! It’s strong, clean and contemporary, without being so trendy that it’ll go out of style in a couple years. I’m sure that it’ll grace this blog for a long time … and I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the direction of the blog and continuing to be part of this great community!

  • Looks great!

  • Patrick has a good idea. I need to look at some of the imprint vendors for another project, but a Cafe Press like store for PFRE merch might be fun especially if there is some photo or business related gear. I know the contests don’t confer any tangible prizes, but maybe winners can be allowed to purchase a PFRE imprinted product with “Photographer/Videographer of the Month/Year”. Yes, the winner has to buy his/her own prize, but if I were ever to win (stop laughing, it could happen) it would be a nice way to brag by leaving my folio with “PFRE Photographer of the month” on a counter at a job in plain view. It lets the agent brag too that they use “an award winning photographer” to make images of their listings.

  • Great new look! Can’t wait to see the whole new site.

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