What Are the Popular Tour Platforms that PFRE Readers Use?

October 31st, 2018

John in New Jersey asks:

I don’t think you have discussed virtual tour creation platforms recently. I currently use as my VT platform but I’m wondering what other platforms are out there to choose from?

A number of years ago I created a Tours page which you can find by clicking “tours” in the menu bar at the top of the PFRE blog that shows exactly what you are asking about. That page is a list of the major tour creation sites that are recommended in PFRE blog readers. There is a comments section on the page so readers can give input on their experiences with the various tour companies.

You can see from the reader comments that a clear majority of PFRE readers use and prefer to create their tours. , Fullframe Systems, and are also popular tour creation platforms with readers.

What do you use as a tour creation platform?

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12 Responses to “What Are the Popular Tour Platforms that PFRE Readers Use?”

  • I have my own platform that I developed since 2005. I was thinking about making a SAAS application out it it (including payment gateway by stripe) if I get enough interest from Photographer/Tour operators. One of the coolest things that my customers like about our photo/tour templates is direct to full screen (without broker) when clicking on the photos button. Heres the 3 templates that my customers can chose from:

    Website Style:

    Modern Style:

    Classic Style:

  • I use 3DVista which has everything you might want in a real estate tours. You can add sound, hot spots, text windows, photos, video clips and other great options.

  • Seriously? you use photos of shack and a junkyard as an example of a tour?

    But then again I haven’t seen a tour service that I would consider. I’d rather do it myself and host it myself. They all seem to use some sort of gimmick 360 thing or another version of an animated slide show with Ken Burns effect (that I like BTW).

    I’ll stick with a slide show I host or a video I take and host or both, without gimmicks.

  • Oh the only thing missing from the example is the FLK (medical term for funny looking kid) setting on the porch picking the banjo to the theme of Deliverance.

  • I have used TourBuzz for a number of years now during which they continuously have improved the platform. Always things I would like to have control over such as the look and feel and the ability to get a transparent background on the menu bar in Crisp. But a year or so ago, I looked at other platforms and did not find any that I liked better. And their customer support is very responsive. So all in all, I am very happy with I include it in all but my cheapest package.

  • You left out the best one. Full Frame by far has been the best system for us. We more than doubled our income just from the features on this system. Our ave shoot went from $175 to $380 and our customer retention is amazing

  • We have used RTV for the last 11 years and Tour Buzz almost as long. Both companies have excellent support and RTV offers some great marketing materials under Rock Pointe Marketing label. Either one is a great choice. For do it yourself tours – i love Animoto (does not do 360’s) but if you are interested in 360’s then use a package made for 360’s. We also use Animoto to send out our holiday greetings each year. We individualize a video for each agent reviewing the year and reminding them of our best moments together. Recently I have been doing some behind the scenes with the realtors and this seems to be a great little add-on to give the realtor.

  • I am in the design process of creating a SAAS Tour Platforms right now. I have used many of the systems out there, creating a basic system for myself years ago and figured it was time to invest into a system for Realtor’s and REPhotographers designed by an RE Photographer. Full Frame is a very good full resource which is great if you need all of it but I think there is also room for a tour platform that is clean, easy to use and professional looking platform.

    I would love to hear any suggestions to include in our system that you would like to see.

  • @Frank – Your comments on the example tour I put on this post are right on! This was a property my wife and I listed in 2005 in Issaquah, WA. It was a rental and the renters were a couple of wild bachelor guys that kept loaded rifles in the kitchen to shoot bears that came across the property. One of the renters was arrested by the WA state police for shooting a bear on I-90. We spent so much time working to get the guns out of the kitchen during showings that we didn’t bother trying to get them to clean the place up. I had about 5 burned out pickups in the front yard.

    This was such a hot listing that the neighbors shut down the access road to the property to stop the traffic. After a week on the market, we had 10 offers and it ended up selling for way over list price. We only put up with all this craziness because we were selling it for a close personal friend.

  • @Jonathan Stewart. My business also increased significantly when I started using a tour template rather that just sending them the Photos and Video as files.

  • I use Imagemaker360. They offer the same stuff tourbuzz does but they also narrated video that some of my clients like to use. Also they give out exclusive territory. And only charge per tour not prepaid plus no month fees or anything check out one of my tours with them.

  • We recently started working with Full Frame and our customers love the convenience, the modern designs, and the Virtual Tour Video products. Our costs of operation are down and our profit margins are up.
    Win win!

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