Commercial Architecture Photography – with Tony Roslund and Barry Mackenzie

October 26th, 2018

Tony Roslund and Barry Mackenzie have teamed up with RGG EDU to create what is sure to be the most informative and revealing architecture photography tutorial to date. Here’s what RGG EDU says about the tutorial:

Commercial Architecture Photography and Retouching is coming! We’re excited to be collaborating again with veteran RGG EDU instructor, Tony Roslund on our next big tutorial. Go on-location to photograph many rooms in a large commercial space freshly built by HOK Architects for Microsoft. Learn the entire process on finding angles, utilizing natural light, lighting with strobes, and photographing building exteriors and interiors.

Tutorial Includes:

  • 9 hours of content
  • Retouching by award-winning photographer, Barry Mackenzie
  • Learn scouting, lighting, business, and retouching
  • Learn the secrets of charging commercial prices and winning business
  • Interview with HOK senior architect on hiring and working with photographers

Take advantage of the pre-order discount here.


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13 Responses to “Commercial Architecture Photography – with Tony Roslund and Barry Mackenzie”

  • Just to let you know, on the YouTube comments Barry says it’ll be released on October 30th.

  • Architecture (especially Frank Lloyd Wright’s work) was something that I studied it in high School. Unfortunately, the Vietnam war got in the way of my architectural studies (students were being drafted into the Army), so I ended up falling in love with photography while in the Navy. Although I became an industrial photographer in the aerospace industry, I still read and admired the beautiful photography in Architectural digest and wanted to know how they crated and lit those beautiful images. Even in my day to day real estate images, I try to vision and compose each shot as an architectural shot (when ever possible) which separates me from my local competition.
    Always wanting to learn more about bringing my photography craft up to another level, I would like to know more about this workshop, cost, date and how to attend. If not for my clients benifit, but for my own personal achievement.

  • Ok, I guess I misunderstood and thought this was a hands-on workshop like the one I attended in Atlanta with Tony and Brandon which was a very worthwhile event.
    since I am more of a hands on person, than learning from a computer tutorial, I’d be willing to do an Architectural workshop in Canada if Tony Colangelo decides to do one.

  • @eric

    If you’re interested in Architectural photography then I would highly recommend this video tutorial. I haven’t seen it yet (won’t be out until the 30th) but I’ve seen both Tony and Barry in action (in person) and I guarantee it will be well worth the time and $

    I’ll be buying it on the 30th for sure.

  • I should also mention that there was no incentive for me to post a link to this tutorial other than the fact that it’s going to be some of the best learning material out there.

  • I watched the 30 min Facebook Live event with samples of the tutorial and it looked really good. I believe the cost will be $129 which is very reasonable for 9 hours of video instruction.

  • Thanks Brandon,
    I’ll truly consider this tutorial and I have already signed up for the discounted pre-order.
    Sometimes, I’d just rather pay the $$$$$$$$ for a workshop like in Atlanta, as I learn better by watching and doing, and, I met some wonderful people at the Atlanta workshop.

  • @eric

    I heard ya loud and clear man! I had a blast in Atlanta and I too, learn best hands on but I also love the ability to watch a video over and over and bookmark things that really hit home for me.

  • Christmas comes early this year! I’ve been hoping these guys would make a tut at some point. So excited 🙂

  • $99 with the pre-order discount? No brainer.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the zip files?

  • I figured it out.

    Does anyone know if they talk about how to have an exceptional craft service on set?

  • Ok, I know this is an old post, but if anyone is looking, right now I got the tutorial for ONLY $44.50 Back Friday special through the end of the month (I think)

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