Should I Let My Client’s Videographer Use My Photos to Include in a Video?

October 15th, 2018

Andrew in MA asks:

I wonder what you and the readers think of this issue. My client (a good one) had a video done. She gave the videographer access to my still photos to incorporate in the video, which is a mix of directly-shot videos, and panning and zooming on my images. His video, by my client’s request, doesn’t have his name and is totally unbranded so the videographer does not take credit for my work. I feel a little funny about my work being used by a videographer. On the other hand, I gave my client the right to use my images for marketing purposes. Perhaps it is not that different from a printer using my images for a brochure for my client (which I have no problem with). What do people think?

The typical license agreement real estate photographers have with clients grants them a license to use the still photos for anything that markets the property. In my mind, incorporating your stills into a video of the property doesn’t violate the standard type of licensing so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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5 Responses to “Should I Let My Client’s Videographer Use My Photos to Include in a Video?”

  • I think you need to have in-house videography! that way everything goes through you and is your brand. I did this and it works great. client books through me, i book the videographer, he/she goes out on my companys behalf, edits the video, adds the photos in and I am the one who delivers the final product to the client.

  • I license my images to be used by the agent in any way directly marketing the home for sale. The only thing would be to make sure that the videographer understands that they can’t use the images for anything else without an additional license from you. If this good client is wanting video work done, you might want to consider getting into it yourself.

  • Ditto on getting into video yourself.

    Story… I fought getting into it for years because it was so different form still and to me that represented a long learning curve. I jumped into Zillow WT videos as a starting point. No matter what you do yours will be better than what the agent could do and at $35 add on it’s a no brainer.

    I learned how to work a gimbal, walk, think about what to shoot, avoiding high contrast scenes and a bit more. Then I started to learn how to edit video using Premier Elements. Then I moved up Premier Pro an larger gimbal and put a Sony A7rii on it.

    Over the course of a year I boosted my revenue by over 20% with no more travel involved and adding no more than 45 minutes a video including processing and making an average of $100 and hour for my efforts.

    Then add to that I protected my base clients from going elsewhere. They are more loyal than ever. Just do it…

  • Actually this sort of happened to me last week. I showed up to shoot (video) of a $2.3M house. Evidently the seller called her landscaper to see if they could ‘fix’ a small brown spot in the lawn before the shoot. They don’t speak English and misunderstood…. as I drove up they (literally) were just finishing up removing the ENTIRE lawn. Front and back! It was now ALL dirt, seller was not home at the time.

    Anyway, I was able to shoot the interior, but not the exterior. Turns out they had photos shot the week before and the guy also took a bit of drone footage as well. I told the agent to ask the PHOTOGRAPHER if he minded if we incorporated some of his exteriors and drone footage into the video since we had very little in the way of options at this point. I told him to also get his permission in writing, just to be sure everyone was on the same page. Everything was cool, and everyone was happy (except probably the seller who now has a dirt lawn in mid-October when she’s trying to sell the house!)

  • Agree that the images were made for marketing and that clearly is the use here.
    That said, my only requirement is that on a branded version, there is credit given me for the photos used. So, at the end where the credits are, it would say something like photos provided by and video created by

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