A Different Way to View a Drone Shoot of a Large Property

October 9th, 2018

Bill in Oregon wants to show us his unique way of displaying a large property with a 360 tour interface. He says:

A client listed 80 acres and wanted something a bit different. 80 acres of dirt is pretty boring, I have shot via drone looking towards and from inside looking out. But there are only so many pictures you can take of that much dirt. I have done fly around and overs but wanted to avoid the same old video.

I am one that does those 360 virtual tours and it dawned on me that there is so much more that can be done with the viewer, so I sent the drone to its 390-foot ceiling and took many shots straight down. Now I know this isn’t new–heck, I have done it on many a small shopping center but here, I wanted to take it to the next level. This technique was borrowed from the Giga images I used to take.

Click here or on the image above to see the image.

This certainly is a different approach and after playing around with it for a few minutes, I figured out how to zoom in and out on various parts of the property which is the point of doing this. But I found the 360 interface unusual and disorienting.

What do others think?

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5 Responses to “A Different Way to View a Drone Shoot of a Large Property”

  • I think this aerial work looks perfect. Super easy to understand and very clear. Adding a property line would be a nice addition, IMHO.

  • Bill,

    I like this idea and think it would work well for my clients that sell a lot of dirt. How long did it take to shoot, stitch and if you don’t mind a ballpark price on what you charged?

  • My opinion:

    OOOOOO pretty… But something that close to Google maps with a bit higher resolution presents no value to most clients particularly dirt buyers.

    So place yourself in the agents clod hoppers (that’s colloquial for big work shoes) and then ask what would you pay for this if Google maps were free. In fact there are even higher res Google Pro maps that are free.

    For me if I were to do something different I would opt for a Power Point presentation converted to video that included clips of flyovers and normal dramatic drone shots coupled with a compelling feature-benefit value proposition. In PowerPoint you can have layers of text graphics with video in the background combined with narration etc. It’s magic and easy to do. Very powerful.

  • I like the idea but if I were the client I would not be pleased with the patchwork lines created by the stitiching. I have to wonder if they used a mapping software (which should have done a better job than this) or if this was a completely manual attempt to create an image map of multiple drone images.

  • The only real value here is the Realtor gets something new and different. Doesn’t have to be better. I have asked for a lined version of the print I gave the Realtor but he thinks this is good enough, (I don’t think the lines are in stone, just has to be close to offer an 80 acre parcel.

    It wasn’t hard to do, if anything I took to many shots. And I rotate the drone a bit here and there. Just put it up and shoot and move by the right joystick only. That would have taken care of the stitch lines. Trouble with with acreage is it only take 5 or 6 shots to get it if it’s defined by road or tilling. Fly overs don’t add anything without a point of interest.

    Whether or not Google Maps could do as well or better is Mute, as the Realtor has to present the buyer something they paid for. It’s all part of the game.

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