How to Edit Architecture in Lightroom

September 28th, 2018

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One Response to “How to Edit Architecture in Lightroom”

  • Great Tutorial. Very thoughtful. It’s funny, you can do this kind of work for decades, and still, a good tutorial will remind you of things you’ve either forgotten, or long since skipped over in the interest of using presets you’ve developed over the years. One thing I haven’t bothered to play with in a very long time is **drumroll, please** and this is sort of embarrassingly humorous to me, the color profile.

    In previous versions of LR, and on different monitors I’ve had over the years, the color profile of the camera never really showed up very well, so it was very hard to tell if it was doing much of anything, so I “set it, and forgot it”. If you’re skilled at processing, it isn’t like there aren’t 50 way to work around color anyway, but… it’s amazing what a good monitor and a newer version of LR will reveal.

    Generally, as I’m watching these tutorials, I will hit pause when something interests me, or reminds me that ‘oh gee whiz, is that feature still in this program?…” In playing with the color profile, which is now located at the very top of LR (duh oh, better spot for it, no? No wonder I quit playing with it) I found his suggestion of using Camera Neutral to be far more interesting to me then in years past. One thing the newer monitor shows me is that you have a much longer ability to slide the Saturation and Vibrance sliders then when using Adobe RGB for instance, which reacts quickly and aggressively with very little latitude in comparison. And when working with mixed lighting like we do, using Camera Neutral may prove invaluable for containing the range of hot reds and yellows, which can be our greatest villains in RE processing.

    So thanks! I found something useful in the very first few minutes of the video.

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