Davinci Resolve 15: A Free Full-Featured Video Editor

September 20th, 2018

Greg in British Columbia says:

I wanted to recommend Davinci Resolve to you and your readers. It is a fantastic non-linear editing (video editing) system. When I see or hear of people trying to do video editing with iMovie, I wonder if maybe they have never heard of Davinci Resolve. With the new version 15, it lacks nothing. The best part is, it is free.

On Greg’s recommendation, I have downloaded the free version of Davinci Resolve 15 and have been trying it out. So far, it looks promising to me!

Are there any Davinci Resolve 15 users out there?

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10 Responses to “Davinci Resolve 15: A Free Full-Featured Video Editor”

  • Been getting to grips with it for the past month … an amazing package.
    LinkedIn Learning have a complete tutorial for version 14.

  • I have Premiere and Final Cut but I use DaVinci Resolve for all my video edits.

    Very easy to use.


  • I’m currently in the process of learning Davinci Resolve 15. Great lessons using “The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve 15 (The Blackmagic Design Learning Series)” available on kindle through Amazon less than $6. A well written lesson manual.

  • Davinci Resolve 15 has been a game changer for me. I have had some serious problems ‘converting’ my photography mindset to become more video oriented and video editing was a big part of that problem…

    I tried FCP and Premier Pro and to be honest they just overwhelmed me and blew my mind! For some reason I find Davinci Resolve MUCH easier to use, there are zillions of awesome Davinci tutorials on Youtube and the software is free! Awesome!

  • I haven’t tried Davinci, but have been using Power Director for a couple of years, very powerful and incredibly easy to use. Keep open as an option.

  • Greg, thank you for your recommendations.
    I am still new to Video shooting and need an editing system for my I-MAC.
    I didn’t want to get involved with the Adobe subscription for premiere, so I have been doing some video walkthrough tests using I-Movie. Davinci 15 sounded like a great editing system to learn. I just downloaded it, but not sure how to start.
    I will go to the “The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve 15 and download the lesson manual (thank you Robert).

    I was very excited to see this PFRE post. Its always a great source of information and so grateful to have a blog dedicated to photographers sharing and experiencing the same type of issues we encounter everyday.

    Thanks to Larry for starting this and all of you participating and giving your feedback.

  • @Robert Koch
    I saw the paperback book available on Amazon, but where did you find the kindle addition and, is it available as a download as an e-book?

  • I recently purchased Pinnacle Studio 21 for my video editing. I do not edit video often enough to subscribe to Premiere Pro, though I vastly prefer the Premiere interface over any other video editing software I have every used. I do not like the “modules” of DaVinci and find them slow, cumbersome, and confusing.

    So far I am finding Pinnacle Studio 21 to be very straightforward and feature packed. As good as Premiere? Not at all? Good enough for decent YouTube/Facebook edits? You bet!

    *edit – it looks like Pinnacle Studio 22 has been released

    My most recent Pinnacle 21 video edit is here –

  • I’ve used Resolve 12 for little movies for our portrait studio. Prior to that we used Power Director.

    Sometimes we would use Power Direct to import video from our Canon 6d, bring the clips together, then export a single file that was friendly to Resolve. Haven’t done any video in a while. But we are heading to the EU for 3+ weeks and had planned to shoot mostly stills, but also a little video. We are traveling really light with carry-on only. So no gimbals, sliders, or video tripod heads unless we get real creative.

    I’ll have to check the features on Resolve 15 to find an excuse to shoot more video.

  • the kindle book can be found here:

    I run kindle on my PC as Amazon has a version that will run on a computer. With two screens I put the lessons on one monitor and work with Davinci on the other. Hope this helps.

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