Amazon Prime Subscribers Have Reliable, Unlimited Free Cloud Photo Storage

September 16th, 2018

Alex Armitage’s recent article over at Fstoppers gives a great explanation of the free unlimited cloud photo storage that Amazon Prime subscribers get with their Prime subscription.

There are several important aspects to this alternative for photo storage:

  1. The unlimited part is for photos only (RAW, TIFF, DNG, PSD, and other photo types). You only get 5 GB of general storage. You can get 100 GB of general storage for $12/year.
  2. You can’t use this to deliver photos to clients.
  3. This service is probably not a reason, in and of itself to subscribe to Amazon Prime but many prime subscribers don’t know this is available.
  4. Cloud storage shouldn’t be your only storage. It’s just an alternative for 3rd tier backup.

If you are like me, this could be a free service you didn’t know you had!

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3 Responses to “Amazon Prime Subscribers Have Reliable, Unlimited Free Cloud Photo Storage”

  • Just an FYI – It is against the Amazon Prime TOS to use this for commercial purposes. If you are caught, they can delete your images from the service. Just saying…

  • @Scott – Read Alex’s explanation of what “commercial purposes means”… he has researched it. It means you can’t use it to deliver images to a client.

  • If you want to pay for a service to store data for you, look into Amazon S3. I do not use it for photos, more for video, but it is quite good and reliable as it gets. It is not free but quite cheap, especially when you consider hard drives and other storage devices are not free either.

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