Villa Tropicbird – Ultra Luxury Private Villa in Seychelles Islands

September 14th, 2018

I can’t resist commenting on this inspiring property video. The property is in Seychelles Islands north and east of Madagascar. Here’s what got my attention:

  1. The great choice of music: Borderland – Yantra Mantra
  2. The wonderful aerial intro from 0:13 to 0:35. Before the advent of drones, a standard exterior front shot would be very boring.
  3. The elegant shot from the deck toward the ocean 1:31 to 1:35.
  4. The beautiful closing sequence from 2:03 to 2:35. Also, a drone sequence, I think.

This is a really nice job of capturing this beautiful spot. It will make some Saudi sheik a nice weekend getaway location. Notice from the roof, this is totally off-grid.

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9 Responses to “Villa Tropicbird – Ultra Luxury Private Villa in Seychelles Islands”

  • I assume this is entirely computer generated… computer animation.

  • This will be a nice property when it will be built. At this point, no drone was involved in the filming, it is a 3D animation. But as an animation goes, it is very nice. 🙂

  • Even though it is 3D CG VR, the ideas expressed do give us goals to shoot towards. I wonder how many hours it takes to produce something like this?

  • I agree, animation or not, it’s a beautiful sequence with a score that works well for this property. One general question comes to mind… unlike other recent videos we’ve seen, there are no people (forget that’s it animation). I’d be curious to know how others feel about the use of people/models in a real estate walk-thru video. Does it help sell properties or not? Personally, I find that lifestyle sequences take away from the property itself. It also has some marketing demographic challenges. Maybe this is a post on it’s own?

  • Hmm! We all have different tastes I guess… I found the computer generated ‘music’ incredibly repetitive and don’t like the ‘dreamy’ CGI look at all… IMHO I think people want to see videos of properties because they want to see the REAL property – warts and all – and are a little tired of being fooled by CGI and Photoshopped images. Just my two cents…

  • I think the animation was made almost real-time with software like twinmotion 2019 and a well constructed bim 3D model.

  • Wow! Thank you all for educating me! I was completely fooled! I did feel it has an unreal dreamy feeling that I couldn’t explain. I was also puzzled by the fact that the listing page on Sotheby’s International in Dubi didn’t have a price on it… because it doesn’t exist!!

    I didn’t realize this was possible yet. Thanks, @Orazio for the reference to Twinmotion 2019.

  • Very impressive video and beautiful music.
    I wasn’t sure it was Computer generated until I saw the car pulling up the driveway, and then realized it was not real.
    But, I loved the production!

  • The roof gave it away for me. The way that it’s a continuous glass like surface isn’t something practically possible and it prevents anything on the roof being serviced. I’m wondering about water and waste. The house is shown furnished in a way that suggests large parties rather than just a small group using it at one time. There will have to be a lot of gubbins in the basement to make it possible for the house to function.

    Before drones, a helicopter or small plane would have been used for many of the aerials. A heliport at the home is missing. A person buying a place like this is going to have a helicopter (and a fluffy white cat).

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