How to Shoot Real Estate Video by Parker Walbeck

September 6th, 2018

Recently, I ran across this amazing little video tutorial that is a very concise and surprisingly complete tutorial on how to shoot real estate video. In it, Parker Walbeck goes through the following subjects:

  1. Landing gigs
  2. What to charge
  3. Pre-planning
  4. Camera gear
  5. Camera settings
  6. Composition
  7. Setting focus
  8. Camera movements
  9. Lighting
  10. Shooting order

This video is an ad for Parker’s real estate PRO mini course but it is very useful just by itself!

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6 Responses to “How to Shoot Real Estate Video by Parker Walbeck”

  • Probably one of the most information packed (and useful) infomercials that I seen for a while. Impressive!

  • Good tips in that video, and a very practical way to approach it… with one exception: 4-5 hours shoot time is somewhat impractical for most homes, and there are only a few realtors with budgets to support what you’d have to bill out to make that much time worth your while.

    It goes back to the question: which is easier? to get $10,000 from one person, or $1 from 10,000 people?

    In my 30yr experience with RE photography, doing high volume at modest rates is a far more predictable/practical business model. As such, I can shoot a video for a home using every technique he’s shown in an hour. I don’t force it to be at the golden hour, because there aren’t enough golden hours in a day to make that practical. I don’t worry about blowing out windows because the trade-off for underexposing the rooms isn’t worth it. Better, IMO to have the main subject well exposed, then to try to shoot 2 things (interior & exterior) where neither is exposed well. Shoot the interior, shoot the exterior, don’t worry about trying to match your interior stills – our equipment isn’t really sophisticated to that degree yet with regard to video.

    If I spent 5-6 hours shooting, it would require another 5-8 to edit. The bill would be as much as shooting a wedding, and in my part of the country, I doubt I could drum up a house a year to shoot video on with that approach to it. But, if I whittle the shoot time down to an hour, with editing at 2 hours max, I can add video to 3-5 houses a week with little or no up-sale. In other words, my bottom line is improved by $30K – 50k with very little effort, without a huge time consumption.

  • I thought this was a very impressive and informative video.

    I am still in the learning process of shooting video walkthroughs (truly out of my comfort zone), but some of my agents have been asking for them, so I am working on shooting some.

    My biggest issue, is learning the post processing. I used the latest I-Movie on my MAC, but feel I have to learn Premiere for post.

  • Now this is something I do need help with – thank you

  • Excellent…. Thanks

  • I think this is really great. Covers all the basics and much more and clearly he has a great eye. The only major thing I’d add is to not forget close-up / details shots to give another layer of interest / sophistication to a film.

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