CamRanger 2 and CamRanger Mini Coming in 2019

September 3rd, 2018

Apparently, CamRanger has some great new features coming in 2019:

  • CamRanger 2 – Faster and farther range, Sony and Fuji support, and new app design and features.
  • CamRanger Mini – Advanced wireless camera control in a much smaller size, priced at $199.99.

The CamRanger website talks about these two things like they are two different products. Hopefully, they will eventually be merged into one. We’ll see. Both sound like great steps forward!


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One Response to “CamRanger 2 and CamRanger Mini Coming in 2019”

  • Very glad to hear they’ll be supporting Sony & Fuji and finally modernizing the app. I have the tether tools ‘case air’ and it’s so frustrating to use that this will be a definite purchase for me.

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