How to Fix Color Casts by Nathan Cool

August 31st, 2018

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4 Responses to “How to Fix Color Casts by Nathan Cool”

  • Looks like a really good video tutorial. But seems like a lot of work. Color Efex plug-in does a good job using its white neutralizer to eliminate bad color casts. Is it as good? No. Does it take a lot of time? No. Open the plug-in. adjust 2 sliders. Done.

  • +1 Gavin.

  • Color Efex works well a decent amount of the time, but in Nathan’s more advanced example it might not have done as well. I’ve had some corkers in the past and Nathan’s video has given me some more things to try out when it’s more than one color that’s polluting the image.

  • Obviously some color casts are problematic, but how important is it to reduce or eliminate them for a real estate shoot? I would argue that sometimes Nathan Cool takes it too far and the resulting images are weirdly fake looking. Maybe he’s just moving fast for the sake of the tutorial… This is not to say it isn’t good info and still appreciated.

    I would add one tip: when reducing saturation on a hue/sat adjustment layer, try and target the problem color (usually yellow, orange, or blue) and reduce saturation in that color only. It helps to keep the image looking natural as you’re not reducing saturation on ALL colors.

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