Where Do You Get Legal Music for Videos and Tours?

August 22nd, 2018

Kelvin in Bigsky Country says:

Could you guys do another post regarding finding music for videos? That’s always the worst part of making a video – finding music for it, and the frustrating amount of time it takes to find good music. It can take as long to find music as it does to edit the whole video; sometimes longer. And that’s especially true if you let your video run longer than four minutes.

YouTube has some automatic algorithm that is able to identify copyrighted audio. I first encountered it many years ago when I did a YouTube video of my grandson’s first steps and used Fats Domino’s 60s rock tune, “I’m Walking” as the audio track. BAM, the video was disabled right away. I got the message! Nowadays, YouTube is a little more sophisticated; they just disable the audio track and flag it as a copyright violation.

This page lays out advice for finding legal music and lists a bunch of sources for creative commons music. Another approach is to Google “creative commons music” and you’ll find tons of creative commons and public domain music.

Also, here are some sites recommended by readers in the past for licensing music legally.

Everyone, feel free to share your favorite public domain, creative commons music source.

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9 Responses to “Where Do You Get Legal Music for Videos and Tours?”

    Not free but good music and very generous licenses

  • I use this with a yearly subscription of around $100. It has a very user friendly search feature that lets you specify instruments, mood, genre and lots of other parameters. It also has some very catchy loops that are great for background sounds with narration, so you can more easily match the “music” to any length video.

  • We use

  • We have an annual unlimited licence with which has pretty much every style of track and access to a large collection of ‘real’ classical music. Not the cheapest but very versatile with multiple mixes of each track.

  • I found very easy to find good, appropriate and a wide selection of styles at a reasonable cost

  • I’ve been using Smartsound for years. You can easily make concert quality soundtracks customized to the length of the video. No abrupt start or ends. And every soundtrack you create is 100% royalty-free.

    I also avoid YouTube like the plague.

    Vimeo Pro does not have an automatic license cop like YouTube, and Vimeo has copy protections vastly superior to YouTube. I can make a video on Vimeo public, restricted to a list of emails or domains, or restricted by password.

  • I’ve used in the past – pretty affordable and you can edit the length/loop. Easy to use.

    Currently I’m using VirtuallyShow for all tours and they already have lots of music to choose from and it seems to loop automatically.

  • We have a dedicated collection of music curated specifically for real estate video projects:

    All of our music can be licensed for online usage anywhere including YouTube and social networks.
    Great music. Simple licensing.

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