Here’s Another Reason to Put Your Portfolio Website on PFRE Comments

August 15th, 2018

Nearra, the senior editor of asked:

Hi, I’m Nearra, a senior editor at I want to know how to buy unique pics about kitchen decoration and design. I need the pics for my website.

A great way to find interior photos that you’d like to license for use on your website is to look at the links to interiors photographers portfolio websites on the PFRE website. There are two general ways:

  1. All of the PFRE posts about workshops, books, and video series have links to the author and workshop leaders’ sites. These are some of the best interior photographers in the business.
  2. All readers’ comments have a direct link to their website. Usually, these links are to their portfolio websites.

Check out their portfolio websites and find a photographer whose work you like and then contact them via their contact page about licensing photos from them.

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4 Responses to “Here’s Another Reason to Put Your Portfolio Website on PFRE Comments”

  • Feel free to get in touch Nearra. I work with a number of companies who license photos from me in this way, and I have thousands of images of mostly modern kitchens I can send you to look over. My email can be found on my website by clicking my name above.

  • Nearra, I have thousands of kitchen photos. If you have a description of what you need or a style board, please share it and I can look to see if I have anything that fits your brief.

  • You can check some kitchen photos by clicking on my name. If you need more samples please send me an email on contact page.

  • Same here, Nearra, if you can share a style or mood board, I can post or send direct a few samples along with my website.

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