How to Start a Photography Business – by Serge Ramelli

August 10th, 2018

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One Response to “How to Start a Photography Business – by Serge Ramelli”

  • I recommend Serge, I have all his courses. Some are outstanding, indeed, I have learnt a lot with Serge. That is how I got involved with RE and interior design.

    At the beginning of his videos he raves about his hometown – OK, he loves his hometown, Paris – why not? I love my hometown, London even though I don’t live there anymore.

    One thing I have find extremely difficult in our business is the acquisition. One really has to slog at this.

    What is the problem here in Germany? There is this mentality that has been in fashion for years, “Geiz ist Geil” which translates roughly to “Stinginess is awesome”. The slogan is even used in large advertising campaigns by some big companies. That really bugs me!

    I always point out that my work is an investment for the future and of course if it is B2B the costs are tax deductible.

    Bye for now, Desmond in Munich, Germany

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