Scott Hargis, Mike Kelley, & Wayne Capili Photography Workshops

August 8th, 2018

Scott, Mike, and Wayne (as Allan says below, “the holy trinity” of interior photography) have created a new workshop series. These are not “real estate photography” workshops. They won’t be talking about how to shoot wide, work fast, or be low priced. These workshops will be geared towards making the best possible photo, period – no constraints.

The workshops will be as follows:

  • Kansas City: Nov 30th through Dec 2nd. Two days of shooting; one-day classroom.
  • Palm Springs: Nov 16, one-day Seminar. Nov 17, one-day Seminar and Nov 18 one-day Seminar (added). These one-day seminars will be a very intense experience designed to kick-start the experienced interiors photographer to another level.
  • Click here for more details and to sign up

Kansas City workshop: A 3-day affair (November 30th through December 2nd), with two days of shooting and one day of the classroom. Our location, the University of Missouri Bloch School of Management is a BNIM Architect’s project that is pure “eye candy”, with curves and colors, crazy staircases, and skylights galore, so we’ll have plenty of good compositional material to work with. One day will be instructor demonstrations – Mike, Wayne, and Scott will be making photos with their individual processes (which are all quite different) and answering questions along the way. Day two will be student shooting with guidance from instructors. We’ll have full access to the interiors and exteriors of this unique building. On day three, we’ll be in a Bloch School classroom working on post-production and discussing business practices and any other subject that comes up.

Palm Springs workshop: A one-day, very intense experience designed to kick-start the experienced interiors photographer to another level. This is an excellent way for an advanced real estate photographer to start thinking differently about photography of houses. We’re shooting in the Girasol House in Palm Springs; a classic mid-century residence. With a super-low instructor to student ratio (3 instructors, 9 students) it’s going to be a very focused day—focused on the individual student’s needs. We currently have 2 days available: November 16th and 17th. Anyone signing up for this workshop needs to be ready for a long, tiring day, but we promise to make it worth the sweat.

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12 Responses to “Scott Hargis, Mike Kelley, & Wayne Capili Photography Workshops”

  • Already signed up! Can’t wait for the Kansas City 3 Day! Three other RE Photographs that are friends of mine are also already signed up for this Workshop!

  • Boom ! I’m booked –

  • Question please and I apologize if it’s covered somewhere I didn’t see; Palm Springs – what equipment, ideally, would a person bring? Thank you.

  • I thankfully got in, but I’m told it was already sold out later this morning!

  • Should have clarified that it’s the Kansas City workshop that’s full.

  • Trade Schools were popular many years ago for those who cannot afford to go to college to become skilled laborers. Like a plumber or carpenter or truck driver can be making a six figure income now. I am going somewhere with this.. There are many Real Estate Photographers doing seminars making $3000 or more for two days work all over the country. Why don’t they combine their talents and create a Trade School to teach Real Estate Photography A to Z

  • @Dave Clark – the people that most photogs would want to train under…you would not be able to pay them enough for them to seriously consider such a venture.

    Furthermore, it is not necessary. I have learned everything from YouTube and reading this blog. I purchased one $30 Udemy course but was disappointed because it didn’t teach anything I didn’t know by the time I bought it.

    Bottom line: you can learn everything online you need to form a baseline of knowledge and can take a workshop like this to add some extra techniques to your bag that you can deploy when needed.

    Where making money is concerned…that is the stuff that likely can only be modestly taught in workshops. Pricing. Pricing for your area. Pricing for your area and your quality of workflow. Should you have two brands – one for Realtors and one for architects/designers – and have appropriate pricing for each? Should you price low, grow, hire and then assign yourself to luxury “custom quote” projects?

    That stuff cannot effectively be taught in a workshop. It would require a coach. But even there…once you pick a path…you don’t need more info.

    This is why the “consulting/workshop” business model dominates. You need short bursts of intense help then have long periods where you are just working your craft. An actual apprenticeship program would work…but it would be hard to set up I think.

  • THE HOLY TRINITY – Would love to see this workshop on tour Down Under one day!!

  • Along with David Spencer, I looked into the Palm Springs seminar, but nothing on what was to be brought by the student, etc.
    Maybe a little info would sway me

  • This is definitely a “must experience” workshop for anyone starting out, or midway through and looking to get to the next level! Very tempted to go myself. The Scott Hargis workshop alone in 2014 was enough to catapult my career. So much invaluable info to be attained, not to mention, meeting other great and inspiring people.

  • Hi, I live in KC and would love to attend your workshop. I am on your waiting list. Can you squeeze in one more?
    Thank you,

  • I signed up for the Nov 30 – Dec 2 Architectural Photography Workshop with Mike Kelley, Wayne Capili and Scott Hargis the day it opened and now I can’t attend. ????

    I’m told by the workshop administrator that I can sell my $1800 registration to someone who does want to attend. They’ve put word out to the folks on the waitlist, but I’m happy to help anyone attend who wants to. First person to buy the registration gets it.

    Email me at if you’re interested in buying my registration. We’ll workout the $1800 payment via PayPal. Workshop info here:

    Thanks — it looked like a great event that I’ll be sorry I’m missing.

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