Tourbuzz As an All-in-One Support Platform

August 2nd, 2018

Ray in North Carolina asks:

My question is about Tourbuzz as an all-in-one support platform. I am in the process of expanding my service offerings with drone video and altering some business practices (e.g., collecting payment on delivery) and am trying to decide if I should commit to Tourbuzz as my all-in-one platform, or utilize other focused services (e.g., Vimeo for video hosting, PaySnap for collecting, etc.). I am also curious if current users of Tourbuzz find it a great value?

First of all, there are a lot of past posts and user comments about here on PFRE. Tourbuzz started out as a tour company but over the years, it has evolved into an all-in-one real estate photography support platform.

I have personally been using Tourbuzz since about 2007 and found it to be very well designed and supported, and a great value!

As far as whether or not to use an all-in-one platform like Tourbuzz or a bunch of single-purpose services, I would recommend trying out Tourbuzz. It’s very easy to try out and you will see if it addresses your specific needs. Only you can determine if it solves your most important needs.

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7 Responses to “Tourbuzz As an All-in-One Support Platform”

  • What Larry said. I have been using it since about 2014 and have been very happy with it and as it has evolved. But I have to condition my acclaim since I only use it as a property site. But since they introduced Crisp as a template that reworked the menu bar to include a video button, I have been happier. I don’t use it as an all in one platform. Its easy to test. You only start paying when you actually publish a property site.

  • I have been using Tourbuzz since they opened and have been very pleased with their service. When something is wrong, you are usually able to have it fixed within a day. I only use them for tours but check them out as they now do quite a few things for the real estate photographer! I do purchase usage for my own music though.

  • I started with Tourbuzz 4 years ago and still use Tourbuzz. I have looked at the others out their and with all the template options for both photos and video, the easy social media sharing, the weekly emails to the REALTORS to let them see where buyers are coming from that view their Tourbuzz and the number of clicks each photo gets. I like Teri, use my own purchased copied right music and do buy my credit with Tourbuzz at the bulk rate. I do not use the Tourbzz options for payment since I prefer to use Quickbooks for my business. My REALTOR like the fact that they can see if their listing is getting views especially if their are sharing the branded version on social media. Also Tourbuzz pays the local MLS system for syndication to the MLS for your tours. In my market that is a $700 value and well worth it.

  • I have been using TourBuzz for many years for tours mostly- I like the value they provide as a tour provider for the cost.
    I know in the past couple of years they have increased their offering to be more of an all in one provider for real estate photographer. I have not used their integrated payment solution.

  • My company has been using Tourbuzz for over 5 years, and were early adopters of their all-in-one services. We have been very pleased with the tours, their support, and flexibility in responding to our needs.

  • I have mixed feelings regarding Tourbuzz. We have been using it for a few years now. the presentation of it is great. lots of funtionality. However the SEO aspect of it is horrible. (No metatags for one) these tour pages are invisible as far as Google yahoo and Bing are concerned. One of the biggest selling features of video is how well they index/rate on the big 3 search engines. Better search results = more eyeballs on the listing.

    I have had more than one conference call with the people at Tourbuzz regarding this and they say they will improve the site but they have not.

  • We love Tourbuzz and use it regularly to deliver almost 99% of our jobs… it works great and is easy to use for clients and the customer service is second to none… We have not used the payment option yet but are looking into it as it will take another step out of our hands that we can do while uploading photos… I do wish they would allow for metatags and they probably will at some point… so far non of our clients are concerned with it as all of them syndicate heavily through their brokerage and the property has no problem coming up on search engines and we and the clients LOVE being able to use the clients customer portal to customize or change or add to their tours… something else we don’t have to do… Cant say enough good things about it

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