August 2018 Photographer and Videographer of the Month Contests – NOW OPEN!

August 2nd, 2018

Still Contest:

The August 2018 PFRE Photographer of the Month contest is now open.

Submit your photo entries here (NOTE: If you do not provide your full name at the time of submission, your entry will not be accepted.)

  • This month’s theme is: Daylight exterior
  • Franz Rabe won last year’s contest with this great image.
  • The contest will be open until 24:00 UTC on August 15th.
  • Winner will be announced on August 23rd.

Video Contest:

Submit your video entries here.

  • The video contest will be open until August 22nd. If there aren’t at least 8 entries, we will extend the deadline to September 22nd.



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3 Responses to “August 2018 Photographer and Videographer of the Month Contests – NOW OPEN!”

  • It’s unfortunate that more judges can’t find the time to provide constructive criticism (or any comments) on the submissions. It may not be important to the Judges, however it helps us who submit a great deal…. on improving our process and product. Hamish’s comments were excellent… we learn and therefore we improve.

    And when is someone going to do a video workshop class !!

  • oops… I’m sorry, that comment was suppose to be for the Video Contest Winner… it related to video submissions only

  • What to do if your clunky thumb entered the wrong image on the contest… can we delete it and add a different one? If not, oh boy, can’t wait for the cc on that one! LOL

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