Congratulations to Jared Saulnier – PFRE Videographer of the Month for June/July 2018

August 2nd, 2018

Congratulations to Jared Saulnier, of Portsmouth, NH who has won the June/July 2018  PFRE Videographer of the Month Contest! Here is Jared’s great video.

Here are the contestants in order of points awarded by the jurors:

  1. Jared Saulnier #7
  2. Tacey Jungmann #10
  3. Austin Rohaly #3

You can check out all the entries here.

Here are Jared’s comments about his winning video:

Thank you to all the judges for taking the time to look at the videos and for choosing mine to win.

There were a lot of great different style videos submitted this month and I am always amazed at the work I see on PFRE every month. It’s great to be a part of the RE Photography and Videography community.

I have been exclusively shooting real estate for over 7 years and from the beginning, found PFRE to be a priceless resource. The amazing talent that engages in the comments, contributions to posts, and the Flickr pages bring so much value to the new and the experienced photographers looking to learn in different styles and techniques.

This project was for a very special house being on the cliffs with an infinity pool and the modern architecture (which around this area, you don’t see very often). There were some challenges on the shoot. When I showed up, there were 3 maids cleaning everywhere. The wind started to pick up quite a bit which you can see in several deck shots with the umbrellas, so keeping the drone smooth was tricky sometimes.

For the tech part of the shoot I used a Canon 5D MKIV with a Canon 16-35 f/4, Canon 100 Macro lens, and also the Zhiyun Crane 2 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. Shot in 1080p 60fps on the 5D and 4K 60fps on the Phantom to slow down several shots to smooth out everything for that cine-look.

Looking forward to the growth of the PFRE community and being a part of it.

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2 Responses to “Congratulations to Jared Saulnier – PFRE Videographer of the Month for June/July 2018”

  • It’s unfortunate that more judges can’t find the time to provide constructive criticism (or any comments) on the VIDEO submissions. It may not be important to the Judges, however it helps us who submit a great deal…. on improving our process and product. Hamish’s comments were excellent… we learn and therefore we improve.

    Hopefully someone will do a video workshop !!

  • @Patrick – I’m thankful for all the insightful comments that Hamish made on the current video contest too. This is a huge time investment for jurors to do what Hamish did. The jurors are very busy people and there’s been a long period that we haven’t been doing a video contest.

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