10 Lightroom Tips You Should Know!

July 20th, 2018

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2 Responses to “10 Lightroom Tips You Should Know!”

  • Does he have a lot of energy or what? Too much coffee me think.
    That said, great tips everyone can benefit from. Some I had forgotten about.

  • Wow…. it’s funny how “familiarity breeds contempt”. I thought at the beginning he was …er…a bit hyped. , but I persevered, and was blown away by what I’d never learned or forgotten about simple adjustments. I discovered , by experimenting that the “angle” in crop can be used either vertically or horizontally.. very useful in my RE photog. Didn’t know about the “golden spiral” grid overlay….not that it’ll do me a lot of good in my Real Estate shoots, perhaps, but the the other tips were all very welcome. (I’d forgotten about the “slash” before/after) And accessible to me using LR5, not CC. Thank you for pointing me to this very useful set of tips.

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